The next national news artifact: let Twitter Meerkat scratching their heads

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cloud network hunting note: as the political democratization process, citizens increasingly awakening consciousness of human rights. In this regard, live type application become exposed’s social ills. Emerging Meerkat application as you shoot, let you share, like journalists to reveal their side of the inequality (fun).

the power of Twitter and YouTube platform is to be reckoned with, they make every citizen can like journalists revealing the darkness of the society. Twitter has the advantage of live coverage, let many riots in details, the Arab Spring and recent about Ferguson (U.S. police shot dead black youth) protest can present real events. And network video in the YouTube, enrich the visual effect of the news.

Meerkat today’s leading role as a new live video streaming applications, it and Twitter synchronization, drew on Twitter and YouTube platform of many advantages, and to live video to awaken the public consciousness.

Meerkat orientation and Twitter account link, when you start a live video on Meerkat, Twitter links will be automatically generated for any user click to participate in the live video. In the process of live, users can real-time speech video, some praise. These is instant live on video display interface, it is simply a video barrage live version. And Snapchat similar, once the end of the originators of a live video, the video also will not exist.

An example of the

Meerkat in about not long ago, the Los Angeles angels Paige also near Craig took their arrests occur on the streets, lead people to browse, most of dozens of people to watch at the same time. About 7 minutes of video, not only capture the arrest process, more important is captured by the police threatened questioning he and driver.

Craig (Meerkat angel investors) have to upload the video to the Meerkat. He encountered on the way to the company, arrests, and immediately pull over taken down. When he put the device at the scene, a policeman came to question him what quickly, and accused his behavior may be threatens the safety of the police.

the police accused of illegal parking, Craig (in fact, just trying to find fault), asked Craig show me your driver’s license and vehicle registration certificate. When he learned that Craig is not driving person, again to watch the arrests of the driver are still in the car.

of course, the importance of the event does not with Ferguson or draw was put on the turmoil. Proved Meerkat how easily the cause of the shooting event, and its efficient broadcast function is met the activists around the world and the need of freedom fighter.

Meerkat’s real value is taken seriously but trivial events, platform also attracted a large number of live audience. Advent of a new product can soon attracted all over the world, hundreds of thousands of spectators at the same time focus on a bit, this achievement is truly impressive.

however, Meerkat is still flawed. First of all, the platform based on Twitter (has been Twitter shielding) existing user list to build its own social network, which means it streaming transmission depends on the scope of social network users. Meerkat, in other words, to a large extent depend on the spread of Twitter users to share funny or the content of the shock to a wider audience.

second, Meerkat live function also is a flash in the pan, the platform will not store video transcripts to meet the needs of people in the future. Indeed, users can store video material to their own devices, later share platform through YouTube, Facebook, etc. But during the period of the conflict, this way to share is not ideal, may result in a permanent loss of some important in a video camera.

but on the contrary, temporary live to users have a good side. Because some of the video as evidence to prove that the user against behavior, especially in countries where no freedom of speech or assembly right, the user is likely to be the fire, and Meerkat temporary just to solve their worries. In this respect, Meerkat’s is still raising public awareness.

if the Meerkat is intended to be the next platform of citizen journalism, it still need to improve the products, to further expand their user groups. But look from the past two weeks, it is by no means limited to narcissism or egoist platform. As Craig said in the video: “phone really strong, it makes the oppressor unable to abuse of power.”

Craig told me: “I have no relationship with the Meerkat company, but I still think it is a trend.”

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