The near east. Zhang: success is not duang suning transformation, is capricious

in the clearance of the NPC and CPPCC sessions media luncheon, chairman of the CPPCC national committee, Su Ningyun business transformation is su ning speaking today zhang in the near east, said after 3 years of exploration, the company’s Internet retail transformation has been successful, since suning will along the path of Internet retail from success to greater success.

a near east, according to the decisions made in 2011 transformation, just is the most rapid suning offline store business development, but awake at the time to see the trend of the Internet is unstoppable, decisively decided to transform, and eventually won the transformation time, won the strategic space of the cyclotron, finally established “one, two, three, four cloud end” strategic framework.

in just the past 2014 years, is the strategy for the transformation of suning Internet ZhiHangNian, crest is suning Internet transformation, improved a lot. Zhang near east claims, these changes are not “duang” come out of, but over the years insist on the result of the transformation, su ning to the transformation of the Internet, it is very “capricious”.

in 2015, he claims to be the Internet’s new suning adjusting rhythm, full speed for a year. Will revolve around digital drive pin mode, enterprise organization management and organizational flexibility to change.

at the two sessions, a total of six proposals zhang in the near east, mainly around the consumer rights and interests and development of the industry, including shielding network “fake”, “the development of green logistics industry” and “promote the construction of agricultural product circulation system”, etc., is a near east this year 13th.

Consumer rights and interests and main pillars to the

industry development, including shielding network “fake”, “the development of green logistics industry” and “promote agricultural products circulation system construction”, etc.

the following is a near east speech activity:

this year is the national twelfth five-year final years, is a critical year of comprehensively deepen reform, Chinese economy entered a high quality, high efficiency and low pollution new normal stage of development. The two sessions, I brought the total six proposals, mainly from the Angle of protect consumers’ rights and interests and promote the healthy development of the industry, some of my thinking and Suggestions were put forward.

the past 2014 years, is the strategy for the transformation of suning Internet ZhiHangNian, crest is suning Internet transformation of a year. Pay close attention to suning friends may can feel, our logistics “rocket” delivery speed faster and faster; From the supermarket department, maternal and child beauty makeup, suning sell more and more; In addition, free press, “rainbow”, and other similar activities also more and more; I think, these give you an intuitive feeling is, suning services more intimate, more comfortable shopping, suning is becoming more and more young.

in fact, 14 years of these changes is not a “duang” come out, but over the years insist on the result of the transformation, with the two sessions is fire way, su ning to the transformation of the Internet, it is very “capricious”. Before, I had the transformation of suning to build buildings, foundations and a framework of the semifinished product may look feel very rough, but once the hardcover repaired, will have a feast for the eyes.

although faced with many questions and pressure, but we still insist on transformation of the Internet, IT is the “capricious” let’s macro economy and consumer spending slowdown in 2014, under the condition of broken cocoon butterfly lovers, ushered in the dawn dawn: abundant, merchandise category self-run logistics distribution efficiency in the industry leading, IT system smooth, stable operation, product marketing, search page recommendation, social interaction, advertising drainage, such as the Internet, pay finance product emerge in endlessly, membership registration, visitors flow rate rising, quarter by quarter sales scale up well, profits have spiked in the year.

I can clear to announce, suning Internet retail transformation model has been mature, the new decade transformation of science and technology has been successfully embarked on a track of rapid development. Since suning will along the way of Internet retail from success to greater success.

“alone le le than the lele,” you must be very want to know how we do it. I will suning’s experience in the transformation of the Internet in recent years, with the society in the same field.

the transformation of suning is made of the best choice in the enterprise development, 11 years online Su Ningyi bought when is the most rapid our chain development, but we were clear to see the inexorable trend of the Internet, so we decided to break through ego, even at the hard toddler Internet retail. Before the media friends to compare us this shift to a “strong men DuanWan”, although our transformation process far less tragic, but we do have the resolve. Looking back, despite difficulties and thorns on the road and the land, but it is because the decision at that time, time for us to win the transformation, has won the strategy’s wiggle room.

the trend to replace advantage is any can not escape the fate of an enterprise, the enterprise is not afraid of difficult choices, and they were afraid to get lost in the right direction. Five years, in order to stick to a correct direction, in order to adapt to the trend of the future, we are silent and cultivated, hard skills, and wandering under sales, profit decline, user ridicule, criticized by public opinion, investors doubt to external pressure. Now we finally through this difficult journey, so I want to tell all the innovation in transition, in the process of failure is not terrible, the real terrible is after failing to give up. Suning’s successful transformation, can say to all the traditional retail enterprises set up the pole. The Internet gene is not innate endowment, but innovation learning skills. The Internet is a tool, anyone can learn and master, any enterprise, as long as the Internet tools is used for transformation of the entity industry and business, all entities can be turned into the Internet enterprise.

in the past five years, we use the Internet tools, renovation entity retail, build a new su ning, the Internet can be summed up in eight characters, that is: “one, two, three, four cloud end”.

one, is to stick to the retail nature. No matter how the retail formats, channel how to change it, su ning always stick to the customer service, product operation nature of the retail. Full use of the Internet, the Internet of things, cloud computing new tools, such as commodity business model innovation and customer service, retail technology and intelligence service.

two wings, is to build online two big open platform. Online suning yuntai, Taiwan before and after open to the society as a whole enterprise resources, build brands and quality traffic benign interaction; Offline Su Ningyun shop, around the local life fully open, to display, experience, service, drainage, the sale in a body, builds the space of city life, the customer service scenario.

three cloud around retail nature, namely the retail enterprises “information, goods and capital” of the three core resource socialization, marketization, and open to suppliers and customers as well as the social partners to establish logistics cloud, cloud data and financial cloud. Enterprise computing resources concept, as well as a breakthrough, is also a technical breakthrough, but also the breakthrough of enterprise business model and profit way. In 2015 we will have a 500 square storage resources open to the public, the official opening of external trusted cloud services in the first half of the year, the supply chain financing, consumer credit, financial services, such as balance of finance will greatly enhance the scale.

four side, is both wings around online platform, and also because people, fusion POS terminal layout, PC, mobile terminal, television. The Internet stores in shopping malls, community, office buildings, to the customer’s office, home, and in his pocket, opened in the hands of the sales, customer service and logistics personnel.

thought the essence of the Internet is open and sharing. The value of enterprise resource for open infinite; The enterprise value gain greater appreciation for sharing. So, it is not difficult to foresee, in 2015, must be the new Internet suning, adjust the rhythm, full speed for a year.

in the first place, we will implement three breakthrough in the field of business: one is the digital driven by pin pattern breakthrough, commodity management pattern in the traditional dominant opening, business suppliers, on the basis of suning’s commodity sales team, will rely on online data, integrate the upstream design, production, brand resources, in a single product marketing as the breakthrough, initiate orders, initiate to booking in advance, the 20% of the goods for bottom-up data-driven, channels lead. 2 is the linkage of regional localization operation mode of breakthrough, suning Internet transformation in recent years mainly at the headquarters level, 60 regions at home and abroad in 2015 channels of local merchants, cloud shop floor, sink, and expand to reflect regional transformation characteristics of the Internet, including rural electricity, since the container, into the campus, etc. Three is the break-through of social interactive marketing model, combining with the characteristics of Internet bidirectional transmission, the event marketing activities; With the popularization of the Internet interpersonal communication power, the marketing story.

second, in terms of enterprise organization and management, we will also strengthen three changes. Is a department of specialization, the traditional home appliance, 3 c, or from mother to child, supermarket, clothing, or logistics, financial, the data derived from the business sector, to promote the system of specialization, department, company operation, make the internal system of top-down independent facing external industry market, promote professional vertical competition ability. Second, flat hierarchy, internal promote chief in charge, foreign to carry out the first asked, improving the quality of decisions, to speed up the decision-making efficiency, strengthening enforcement, strengthening practice, on the premise of clear strategic direction, target after shot first, in the pilot to trial and error.

the third is the organization flexibility, further promote task-oriented, project oriented organization design, encourage internal and external coordination, cross-border combinations, a small team, micro innovation. On the premise of clear goal, encourage innovation, big small achievement motivation; Tolerance failure, not pay cuts not demoted; Truly in innovation to homo habilis, mowgli. Last year I personally set up “10 million” Internet innovation fund, this year we are each quarter will be amply rewarded the Internet innovation, special-class award is a tesla.

the Chinese economy is facing a comprehensively deepen the system reform, deep dividend release system of a new historical stage, the Internet is from the early PC connected into the mobile Internet, e-commerce and entity chain from incompatible between alternative competition, into the O2O depth fusion stage of development. But the Internet economy accounts for less than 10% of the whole economy, which means that there are a lot of traditional industry is not fully use of the Internet, also lack of transformation of experience. Therefore, we hope that through the opening and sharing, su ning the value of the enterprises will further enlarge, su ning in the transformation of achievements will fulfill industry and the whole society’s common results.

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