The millet to enter the United States, but also dare not sell mobile phone

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millet today held a conference in San Francisco, officially announced in the United States launched Interestingly, millet said at the beginning of the online, does not sell millet smart products.

what millet nets opened in the United States will buy? Millet global vice President Hugo barak, points out that the bracelet sold in the United States millet, millet mobile power supply, millet headphones and other accessories products.

why millet is not in the United States open to sell their own “blockbuster”? Barak is honest to give the answer: in the United States, it is difficult to buy mobile phones (tablet)! Including hardware certification, software testing, infrastructure services, and other after-sale support services, etc., will be a challenge. Millet wants to buy some from product “the difficulty is relatively small to start, gradually set up its own brand recognition in the United States.

regardless of whether it can receive support from the operators, the FCC certification and a series of issues, on sale in the United States may be millet mobile phone is the biggest problem, can you get Google “approval”. Although millet have been in China play a role of “Android most loyal spokesman”, but have millet not to join the alliance of smaller companies, not to mention the want to win “Android GMS of the soul” other further certification. Abroad, there is no Google on an Android phone service, is almost unimaginable, this point and is very different from China’s mobile phone market. Although millet in the home also provides users with a complete set of download Google services installation frame, but basically is “piracy”. Millet the problems faced by north sea, is also a domestic ticket handset makers want to sea the same problems, such as the meizu.

some other more difficult problems, millet is frequently abroad such as patent prosecution. Although millet has been trying to, mobile phone patent problem solving, not short-term achievable. Previously, apple has also publicly indicated that millet mobile phone in the design of the iPhone “plagiarism”.

in addition, the mobile phone market maturity is higher, except by iOS occupy half of the Android market has been basically divide well-known manufacturers such as samsung. In particular, the users of the North America is not so easy, “born to fever” can’t stop just stay on the slogan, products quality is the absolute principle. However, want to be a global mobile phone brand, is also need to enter the U.S. market. This, have a lot of mobile phone manufacturers have said in the past.

On sale in the United States

however, millet millet bracelet (don’t know whether I have millet smart routers, but hunt cloud network editor jun estimated millet small box is unlikely), such as “accessories” is indeed a very flattering way. According to statistics, the Android Wear wearable devices were only sold 720000 units last year, can say in the field of wearable devices (iot), even the Android is still in the bud stage. Millet bracelet since on sale, already broke through 1 million, from the wearable device “path” break into the American market, also seems to be a more sensible choice. For wearable devices now “does not turning ordinary users on” form, for 79 RMB (it is not clear in the United States to sell how many money, but don’t anticipate price) of millet hand ring, can really make some haven’t experience of wearable equipment “easy” money.

what millet’s trip to the United States? “And for” wind “pig” seems to have given the answer.

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