The mango TV do valuations billions of RMB 1 billion yuan A round of funding

hunan TV Internet process is an important step. According to the investment community to tencent technology, according to people familiar with the hunan satellite TV, mango TV network video platform recently completed A round of 1 billion RMB financing, including China mobile (weibo) led, “funds and several countries, the investor accounted for over 10% of the shares. After the completion of the investment, mango TV valued at around 10 billion yuan.

as of the time, tencent failed to approve the actual amount of the financing of science and technology, and detailed the investor.

as early as in last October, mango TV began to seek external financing, the company valued at around 6 billion, after more than five months, when financing finishing valuations rise all the way up to 10 billion.

in order to support the development of the mango TV network, such as business, hunan satellite TV last year began to run in strategy, some popular section greatly stimulating the network traffic and the client downloads, New Year’s day holiday, hit the third season of I am a singer once the mango TV client on the App Store for free charts.

in the face of the full impact of the new media development, as the country’s most famous local TV, hunan TV continues to increase investment in Internet business over the last two years.

at the end of last year, hunan satellite TV has announced to invest 1 billion yuan to support the week of mango TV show business, in the part of the party live, hunan satellite TV is introduced from video website live barrage.

of course, more importantly, the traditional media in transition must break through many inherent in the system, under the condition of the traditional industry profit model is very mature, to give up immediate interests do more long-term planning.

vice head of hunan radio and television NieMei to tencent technology, according to the background of hunan satellite TV and video website, the state-owned enterprises in competitive mechanism on natural flaws, in addition to technology based on the user’s thinking, development ability and development ability, good at using capital aspects of innovation, more need to break through the problems of the system and mechanism.

“spending on mango TV and Internet business will keep until we can’t insist on. This determination is our after years of exploration decision, and the television do not sooner or later, the new media into despair.” NieMei argues that Internet has the advantage of hunan satellite TV, is the content of creativity, production has formed a mature system, the contents of the continuous innovation ability, can build with Internet technology and entertainment content gene.

according to tecent science and technology, in addition to the independent financing development of mango TV, in a big group level, follow-up and are to be made that the capital restructuring, some significant new business development and layout. But on the whole, hunan satellite TV will bring high-quality content production, which is the core of the group’s business development.

hunan radio and television Lv Huanbin to tencent’s science and technology, said last year must be alert to the hollowing out of traditional media, media resource is the core content of IP, no other can replace, hunan satellite TV all programs are homemade program, all IP rights in their own hands, it is to make all the media more than a cloud platform screen at the core of things, and then around the core business development of new media, the audience into traditional users.