The golden age of Yao Jinbo: the door economy coming

in this paper, the author is 58 city founder & amp; CEO Yao Jinbo, first published in tencent technology

what is the door economic opportunity?

today we see all business, 80% 90% investment in O2O, occurred in the field of life services, many companies may be A round just Close immediately B wheel. My personal investment enterprises have such phenomenon. So, over the past 2014 years, I think one of the biggest bright spot of venture investment concept is to local life service, is the O2O.

local life O2O occurred in a very good time, mobile Internet services to the local life and the door economy has brought the unprecedented opportunity: APP efficiency than the past offline traditional enterprises in brand management and market efficiency is higher; O2O industry in local life, the past employment relationship between workers and companies are replaced by the current into; In addition, consumers’ spending habits have very big change, from the cash payment, online payment, to the mobile payment, this brought directly to the door economic convenient conditions. In the future, the traditional concept of brand will be gradually weakened, even will be replaced by one mobile phone APP.

what is the value of this new model and breakthrough?

the door economy first is the breakthrough of the platform. An APP efficiency than offline in the past a lot of companies, a large number of brands to run the market efficiency is higher. In the past, all is the employment relationship between the workers and the company, such as the generation of driving company and tutor, to pay according to the employment relationship to his employees. But in the era of O2O, they are no longer employment relationship, but rather a divided into relationship, this APP may not have these labourers, but a more efficient way connects the laborer and the user, its cost is far less than offline an independent enterprise, the rise of a APP can provide door-to-door service may be in the circle of friends, parties and other social network word-of-mouth spread out very big effect. But the rise of this in the past may need five years ten years of accumulation, want to open hundreds of stores, hire staff match up slowly, it takes a lot of cost to reach a full service, but service in O2O mode of life is a complete reversal of the cost structure of the past.

followed by the value of the ecosystem, a consumer to purchase such life services in the past, may have to pay 100 yuan, intermediary company take 60 yuan, provide services to people he get 40 yuan. But in the era of O2O, consumers only need to pay 50 yuan, platform only need 10 yuan money, or have the funds support platform may not take, even upside down consumer subsidies, subsidies to laborer, also like to get the money will be more workers. In the ecosystem, the user, platform, laborer can achieve “three win”. So, “e generation driving” phenomenon will occur in any industry, whether in all possible door-to-door services such as car rental, tutoring, domestic industry.

door-to-door service, can form the big platform?

xiaohua (58 city CSO, 58 home CEO) once said, “which category we have more resources, which the frequency is higher, which is easy to stimulate demand, from which point should be cut”. Go back and look at 58 home first choose three service category, business moving was 58 city of traditional advantage project, this is for internal resources. And cleaning and nail is more from consumption frequency to consider, in other words, the two business is easier to pull the user needs to start. Choose high-frequency service as incision, to pull the low-frequency guest unit price of the service, is through the development path of life service O2O field.

in addition to 58 home, some do well in the field of vertical company to reverse feeding itself become a big platform, 58 city is in the era of O2O strategy.

so, under this strategy, we focus on 58 home is more than just a few of the categories of business, but each can be in the field of service life of the plate. “Penetration” between each other, should be embodied in the mutual support and assistance, because after all economic fields in the door, a business to reach a good business cooperation and coverage, all life service related business together can be as the user’s “listing options to adopt.”

a strong entry, can bring different business, not limited in this respect; If it comes to fuzzy boundaries, with 58 city, there is unlikely to completely fuzzy situation, because we do investment projects, basic it will let them to do it, each independent door-to-door service project can form their own brand, we are more to try to help and support.