The Galaxy S6 in addition to counter domestic iPhone, also the burdens boost samsung parts business

note: hunting cloud now samsung is in danger, the upcoming flagship phone GalaxyS6 had such high hopes, in addition to surface technology, it also shoulder the heavy burden of many. The following translated by tencent technology article:

apple released last time the phone, the samsung electronics a huge shock. Samsung is posted on the mobile world congress in Spain’s flagship phone GalaxyS6 this year. This product is regarded as samsung electronics back apple screen machine, S6 even samsung will be decided in the global smartphone market in the future.

according to foreign media reports, however, many people don’t know, S6 flagship mobile phone, also with the other a special mission. This is the first time that samsung in a high-end flagship machine use their application processor and a display screen at the same time. Hope that through the samsung S6, promotion, to boost their own mobile phone spare parts business.

S6, in other words, another important industry competitors, qualcomm is sharp, and Japan. Samsung plans from the two parts suppliers, rob customers mobile phone manufacturers, and Chinese mobile phone manufacturers will also is an important goal.

in the mobile world congress, samsung will use S6 prove that samsung electronics production to the world of curved surface screen and application processor, also belong to the world first-class level.

according to several media reports, before adopting America qualcomm Xiao S6 planned dragon 810 processor, but because of overheating problem, samsung decided to give up, instead use their research and development manufacturing Exynos application processor.

when qualcomm reported quarterly results, not to call, confirmed a big customer will not be in a new generation of flagship phone, using the latest qualcomm processor. The big customer is samsung electronics. It is reported that samsung a contributed ten percent of qualcomm chip income.

in addition to the processor, samsung used in S6 surface display, but also the global exclusive production, touch and rivals.

the bloomberg points out, take a step back, even if the S6 flagship phone not to blockbuster, or samsung mobile phone situation further danger, flagship samsung can still rely on the mobile phone, for mobile phone manufacturers to large order parts.

after nokia, samsung electronics is the king of the global smartphone market, for four consecutive years ranked first. However, cost-effective manufacturers in China and the two ends of the apple under attack, samsung life hard, its low-end mobile phone price is much less than the Chinese manufacturers, samsung high premiums have lost their support.

at the high end of the market, apple, against jobs will follow samsung launched a domestic mobile phone. From the fourth quarter of last year’s sales, apple time machine to samsung has caused no small impact. Samsung mobile business profits plunged by two-thirds.

in the face of the smartphone market slowdown and vicious competition, samsung has been considering other options, namely from other competitors in more than 10 mobile phones, parts suppliers contract.

technology market research firm Counterpoint, an analyst at kang (TomKang), said Tom S6 release, will be an opportunity to attract new customers, if the S6 is successful in the market, this will make competitors to follow S6, driving up samsung processor and curved surface screen business.

it is reported that the global smartphone application processor and display two markets, capacity of up to $51 billion. According to the data of StrategyAnalytics, last year, the United States qualcomm eat up the $21 billion processor market, accounted for almost half.

samsung hope their Exynos processor, can account for more share. In addition to samsung, including a few Chinese brands, manufacturers, also used in the mobile phone Exynos processors, but the scale is not big.

it is estimated that the S6 will use wireless charging mode, additional configuration samsung electronic payment technology, has just acquired a magnetic field to and pay apple and Google (weibo) wallet competition.

in the mobile terminal equipment market, the gap between samsung and apple is very obvious. In the fourth quarter, apple rely on mobile phones and tablet, received $60 billion in revenue, but samsung mobile division of income in the third quarter, from $22.9 billion, almost a third of apple.

South Korea, an analyst at Dongbu securities company YooEui – hyung said that samsung has been in the same camp of android phones, become a member of ordinary, on motivate consumers to purchase desire, samsung is facing a more difficult. Therefore, in the promotion of spare parts business, samsung S6 performance, will be critical.

with the decline in the smartphone business, within the samsung electronics, semiconductor and chip business, has replaced the mobile division become the biggest source of profits. Samsung, various memory and processor chip is used in the home, apple, SONY, and other rival products.

in the fourth quarter, semiconductor unit operating profit jumped 36%, to $2.45 billion. In contrast, mobile division operating profit, plunged 64%, to $1.8 billion.

samsung earlier has invested $14 billion, the new semiconductor factory near Seoul, while the project is the “prince” of samsung group, director of lee jae-yong, it serves to show the samsung’s attention. In February, samsung said that the future will produce stronger than high performance, lower energy consumption of the chip.

in the specific application processor business, the brokerage, analysts said samsung loss of $640 million last year, the business, may realize the operating profit of $1.27 billion this year.

BillKreher industry analyst, historically, the best application processor, smart phones from America qualcomm, but efforts to samsung electronics on the processor may break the tradition.

on science and technology research and development and capital expenditure, samsung electronics, is enough to make all of the science and technology company in the world. The scale of capital spending up to nearly $22 billion last year, including $3.6 billion to the display panel.

“I ‘M a securities company” Seoul, an analyst at LeeMin – hee said, samsung began to reduce its dependency on the smartphone business, the customer for parts, the smart comes at the right time.

he said that if the S6 gain great success, Chinese manufacturers may imitate, launch similar products, which brings to the samsung mobile phone spare parts orders.