The Galaxy S6 can pick up the slack? Listen to the samsung “mouthpiece” point of view

cloud network hunting note: the value of this article is not actually samsung, but in a science and technology media change. Do media people hard, not only political pressure, more in the face of the temptation of money. We don’t do assessment, but for you to compile the once of the TheVerge reports, this article has about samsung products. The exaggeration and allow you to analyze.

over the years, samsung, was criticised for copying apple innumerable, but when it is no longer blindly imitate apple, the result is heartbreaking. Samsung’s Galaxy series generation than a generation, but not like the original S4 S5 will be a great success. Replica of the past those disappointments already catch up in 2014, samsung, because people with better quality, cheaper option, so the advantage of the samsung Galaxy series has been weakened. When the Galaxy S5 sales after the setback, samsung determination to fundamentally change the scope of the smartphone. Upcoming Galaxy S6 is going to be the most powerful proof of the product innovation.

samsung’s status to be reckoned with in the industry, “samsung shout a shout, the mobile phone industry shake three shake”. Revealed that so far, a new generation of the Galaxy series the most key change is its full metal fuselage and arc screen design, qualcomm and samsung have decide to abandon Xiao dragon processor, to challenge their Exynos processor. These factors both for samsung product innovation plays an important role, and they departed from samsung has pragmatic approach to cell phone use. Below, we talk about these historic change in turn.

say goodbye to plastic, new material and rebuild the samsung empire

samsung was once a kingdom built up plastic electronic, now it’s going to start design for it the strength of the war. In the summer of 2014, the company promised used the new design, new material, for the first time introduced with metal frame of the Galaxy Alpha. Shortly after launch Galaxy Note 4 and Note the Edge, the use and the Galaxy Alpha similar metal frame, samsung also gave up before design, as of leather or light steel these things. Combined with the improved the samsung unique hardware specifications, and also make Note 4 samsung the best smartphone ever, and became one of the iPhone 6 powerful competitors. At the same time, it also for the Galaxy S6 release laid a good foundation.

samsung to distinguish its new flagship version of the mobile phone, therefore there is no make people confuse what they use the Galaxy phone belongs to the strongest method of space in this series. To achieve this goal, of course, the fastest way is supposed to be like their international consumer electronics show (CES) revealed that use general metal packaging. For samsung, it would be a completely new change. And for another large Android, HTC, pressure is not small, after all, the selling point of HTC has always been the shapes of metal design. If samsung success a renewed interest in HTC design, of course, the possibility is very big still, then it doesn’t matter who is a pioneer or protracted. For samsung and HTC, this year is the key, but the strength of samsung will ensure that they have a broader market, to ensure that the store shelves more prominent position, and then faded HTC rebirth of hope.

Galaxy S6 spy

arc screen practical or not doesn’t matter, just to sell

last week, the previously circulated the Galaxy S6 surface side panel design seems to be for mobile phone invitation issued and confirmed. They show contour line, most people consider it with the Note is similar to the Edge, not shown. It didn’t immediately matching with metal case, but samsung’s desire to ground will let them produce similar to the Edge of variant or all metal version of the S6. In either case, samsung, finally presented to the consumer must be a brand new product. Surface side of the screen is still a problem to solve, but it doesn’t affect it become the focus of attention. Have such an iconic appearance will make the Galaxy S6 stand out in the competitors, developers should make it into, as samsung would like, say, S6 will let the competitors follow, will also make samsung in sales throne back again.

Exynos processor is ready for the challenge of samsung’s global sales?

the Galaxy S6 before released on March 1, samsung appearance change remains imperfect definition, but one of the largest internal change almost have been confirmed. Inside the machine will not be Xiao dragon processor. A “bloomberg” report criticized, latest Xiao dragon overheating in 810 in samsung test. The Wall Street journal pointed out that a large part of samsung abandon Xiao dragon processor because they 14 nm Exynos chip is full of confidence in myself. This give up influence on qualcomm is huge, you know, qualcomm source of profits each year is samsung processor large orders. Qualcomm has now been revised to 2015 revenue forecast data, because in the big customer already has a drop 810 flagship processor, but this one is samsung, it is one of the biggest one.

imagine, qualcomm is sitting in the field of mobile processors, but continuously declining in recent years. SA according to the latest data in the third quarter of 2014, qualcomm LTE market share of 80%, and in 2013 the same time, it is far ahead with a 95% share. Mediatek take qualcomm market is gradually, SA wireless team director Christopher Tayor said: “in the third quarter of 2014, the sea, Intel, mai wei and samsung market share rising.” Must be in the coming year, the processor area will have a very fierce competition.

qualcomm main sales application processor is based on the strength of the composite LTE modem, and the progress of the samsung has clearly can cope with competition in the year 2015, it will no longer just a fling. Need to make a very big decision: to consider the sales of smartphones is millions of, should remove some of the past two years between the flagship version of the android smartphone hardware homogeneity. Although Xiao dragon 810 May still exist and most other flagship version of the mobile phone, but with Exynos processor’s Galaxy S6 don’t need to use Xiao dragon 810 processor, it is the same as the iPhone 6 all have their own processor.

change does not ensure progress, but this is the first step is necessary

once, samsung just blend in more features and specifications of higher precision of cheap plastic shell, has defeated the other competitors and won the throne of the smartphone’s most prolific manufacturers in the world. It is not because having a unique style of products, only because of simple cost-benefit analysis played a good role for consumers, especially for samsung. The world accepted these devices, samsung has received a just reward. Now, however, the world has changed. Now very cheap phone and high-end smartphone will split in two in the world, and China’s competitors are for a low price and struggle with samsung mobile phone market, super high-end smartphones, constantly meet the beautiful appearance, material quality high requirements. On March 1, samsung also will begin to deal with the challenge of these high-end smartphones.

both in terms of samsung mobile phone before, or in terms of other new phones could be launched in 2015, the Galaxy S6 will be different. Different, of course, does not represent the progress, but it must be a samsung growth is very necessary for a cross on the road.

The Source: The Verge

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