The final astronaut: in all buy parkour games for free

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Darrin Henein and Stephan Leroux already announced plans to launch a completely free parkour game “the last astronaut,”, now has officially launched the iOS version of the game! Pixelated characters with infinite run to all sorts of ways to evade the alien under siege, dungdungdung after add special effects, more lifelike images, can bring very great matchless experience!

infinite cool running game is tailor-made for mobile devices. Can quickly into the game and enjoy unlimited fun in the process of short game. Recently, the two game developers to Toronto darling, Hector internal cause (Darrin Henein) and Stephen le lu (Stephan Leroux) has launched a new cool called “the last astronaut,” runs the game. For those who are in the process of the value of the game players, this infinite runners (Endlessrunner) may be the best choice. Because the game itself without advertising, also do not have any application within purchasing mechanism.

in two game developers to view, “the last astronaut,” is a very interesting hobby projects. At first, they just want to launch a permanent free product, and not like most of the free value-added game, although with “free” hat, but in fact the internal incentive mechanism has hung up the commercial interests. The leading role of the game have a pixelated, namely after the last shuttle astronauts “last”. In earth reality version of the end of the robot, he left home planet, with all human into space.

to the screen on both sides of the sliding, players can see two kinds of control input tag: click on the left side of the screen can complete jump, click on the right side of the weapon can launch. Customs clearance failed, every time need to equip weapons (optional) from 5 kinds of weapons, can also grasp the game through the random replacement gun ship cabins.

in the game a lot will explode. When the explosion happened (especially catastrophic explosion), would be a slow motion effect of Michael bay style, this is one of the features of the game, but some people don’t like. I like this way of visual effect, but the character of death animation and kill chain of slow motion almost no success. In going at the height of the war, this will almost certainly confuse audition, but this is what the game is the difficulty.

“the last astronaut,” the game is very simple, but it image vivid, impressive, as a whole is very interesting. In addition, it also promises to buy within the game that there is no application mechanism, realize the real “free”. Opportunity not to be missed, hurriedly surge!

since the Flappy Bird “after the fire, the pixel game seems particularly popular. An interesting phenomenon is that a fire mobile game, basically all is difficult, the game process up to a few seconds to a minute. The basic of these games are free, but the user base is large. When someone preaching “mobile game harden” at the same time, these pixels of “soft mobile game” has a certain development space.

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