The door early education O2O cherry teacher was the origin of capital angel round

the door early education O2O startups cherry teacher not officially launched the product was obtained as capital favor. Seed company today announced that it had obtained the origin of capital angel rounds of investment, but did not disclose the specific amount.

cherry teacher was established in 2014, the main advantage of the Internet to do O2O the door early education, minimize costs, save storefront rent through online platforms to make an appointment, for the majority of 0 to 6 years old children to provide door-to-door nappy curriculum of science. Product core features, there are two: one is personality customization, for different children demand to customize different curriculum content; 2 it is door-to-door service, the company self-built teaching team, avoid the parents and children on the way.

at the moment, cherry teacher come to our service has covered the whole Beijing. Mainly through micro letter to service the public account, mobile terminal products will be launched in succession in the next few months.

two cherry teacher from millet company founders early entrepreneurial teams, including cherry teacher CEO Shao Huajiang had previously served as millet startup product manager, first for a chat, meters and other products. Founding team Wang Xuan teacher as sea turtles traveled by ministry of education of child psychology, Ph.D., more than 10 years has been focused on child psychology. In addition a british-chinese Simon teacher education department of Beijing normal university, PhD, engaged in children’s English teaching and training in recent 10 years, has a wealth of experience in teaching children.

Shao Huajiang and his team in the door at the beginning of our O2O made a statistics, at present there are more than 500 Beijing early education training institutions, the existing number of the early education of school-age children of Beijing probably between 1.2 million and 1.4 million, only 6.8% of the children received early education, that is to say, more than more than 90% of the children did not enjoy the early education. The main cause of this phenomenon is China’s early education market is not regular and chaotic, early education class fee is generally on the high side, only a handful of parents can afford. Another dimension, early childhood teachers generally low income, some even unable to maintain life, resulting in early childhood teachers have to transformation.

data show that in Beijing alone the door early education from 14 billion to 16 billion of the size of the market, the whole of China at least hundreds of billions of plate. Cherry it was found that the current Chinese early education teacher team the pain points and huge space for development of the market, decided to cut the door early education O2O.

as members of the millet company’s early entrepreneurial teams, cherry teacher CEO Shao Huajiang generously for millet pattern core value: “high quality and reasonable price, let prices return to nature”. Early education market, he says, “domestic chaos. High store rents for breath, the industry costs continue to rise, the operator for the compression cost, reduce investment in education, teaching AIDS, skimp on the teacher’s treatment and welfare. As a direct result of the teaching quality plummeted, the children can not get a good education and services. A vicious cycle, have the time to have to revolution.”

according to Shao Huajiang, cherries, the teacher will be next month in millet life platform, with the help of the old club channel resources to expand outward.