The digital age to the user “story” of art

cloud network hunting note: in this paper, the author Carl Marci, Massachusetts general hospital (MGH) psychotherapy research project, the former head of social nervous breakdown, clinical assistant professor at Harvard University school of medicine, psychiatry, worked in MIT media arts and sciences program as guest lecturers, this paper proposes his brand some views on how to establish emotional connection with customers.

I often asked why a harvard psychiatrist nerve always in front of the media and market research experts to talk about feelings and the brain, the reason is that we live in an intensifying competition in the world, in many cases the consumer to provide our information is not accurate, with only these are not enough.

a brand manager must find out the emotional needs of the consumers, in order to predict their own advertising or other media content will cause the resonance of the consumers.

this is in the face of a new wave of young consumers is especially important. Recent studies have shown that the generation born before and after the millennium, they live in a digital world, in the face of electronic media attention span 60% shorter than it used to be. They are almost from the moment of birth began to stare at a variety of smart phones or tablets, as long as gently poke the screen has many entertainment programs to choose from. With the continuous decrease of attention span, brands must find new ways to overcome this obstacle, and establish lasting effective emotional connection with the audience.

at MGH and harvard medical school adult mental and psychological health, I began to study the interaction between patient and doctor. I was surprised to find to remove factors such as drug therapy or surgery, the good relationship between doctors and patients is helpful for recovery.

in order to figure out what are biological factors at work, I started with a wearable sensors to monitor the physiological reaction when the doctors interact with patients.

I noticed in their physiological reaction appeared a similar to the pattern of “empathy”, takes place in a person with another person empathy, we found that when the patient and doctor is very difficult to distinguish between similar physiological function. The thinking one of two people, influence each other, understand each other, this is incredible.

it is important that why do you say? Because it explains why people can empathy, an emotional connection with others. In raising children and the development of social relations, the unconscious ability to establish emotional connection will play an important role, for political and education system, it has a strong ability to recognize. At the same time, we and electronic media, entertainment, brand, product, service, also in the unconscious emotional connection is established.

in fact, the people in your interactions with the electronic media than when interacting with people feel more comfortable. Of communication between people more than ever, but by means of science and technology: SMS, email, Facebook and Snapchat. Both meetings, classes, and dating, and family dinner when we are using them. I often refer to an article on the New York times in 2012 in a word, a 16-year-old boy said: “sooner or later, but certainly not now, I will go to learn how to talk to people.”

there are so many content and platform for us to choose to meet the need for emotional engagement, there is always something make you staring at the screen, whether social applications or games to kill time, when we use these things, we’ve all been through electronic media knew that he was seeking to establish emotional connection or not the feeling of empathy, we as long as the move finger can have numerous options. In this study, we found that people will use multimedia to control their emotions, don’t let yourself too low or high.

these behaviors and their pattern of development of electronic media provides profound implications for the brand. Brand to use traditional media platforms or thinking of emerging digital platforms and market integration, the threshold of the audience are taller than before. Shorter attention span, attention more easily dispersed brand is only a short period of time to catch the user.

in addition, the increasing attention to the audience for the affected the storytelling. We won’t be sitting around a bonfire next to quietly listen to the story, a new electronic platform every day emerge (who can associate Rand Paul and Snapchat?) , more and more people and companies on different platforms to tell stories, to give up its “beginning, after, end” linear way.

a story may be in the mainstream media like TV play first, and then in the electronic channel expansion, deepening in social channels. This is not an either-or question, it is a use to maintain and deepen the emotional input way to effectively integrate the audience.

some brands will do well in this respect. The application of Taylor Swift is well enriched the Blank Space of MV story. Oreo completely changed the brand image, with new and interesting content replaced the traditional advertising, especially famous super bowl AD a few years ago. Despite all these platforms to have creative director provides a new way of telling the story and the opportunity to deepen the emotional connection with the audience, there are still a challenging question: when and where and how to deliver a specific message has reached the best effect?

really understand the people to the Internet, mobile devices, and television of the complexity of the content of emotional response is critical. I am in a television entertainment equipment, computer is the age of the production equipment, telephone is a communication tool grew up, now also no difference. Science and technology of convenient enables the audience to become a producer and director to tell their stories. Entertainment equipment is no longer linear. Now we look forward to each screen can become the media of the three.

this is the benefits of, now everyone can become a communication channel, anyone can through technology and communication with people from around the world anytime and anywhere. If a brand can find their own direction in this complex situation, to establish emotional connection with customers and their return is enormous. I am very much looking forward to the change of future generations of the impact of emotion and thinking.

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