The common fault of the startup

the author: party yong-jie cui

a small company, or what is the common fault of entrepreneurial company? In my circle of friends and I affectionately real-name dynamic issued for information let everybody poking fun at a small company, had a lot of feedback (in addition to don’t understand what’s the meaning of the dots praise friends). In combination with their experiences and the collected information, I made the following points.

chaotic management system

is different from the routing management of large corporations, the majority of small companies are inclined to rule of man, or even if you boss is a “imperial edict”. Task based employee turnover is higher, because the order is in most company personnel are strangers to each other, no break-in, predictably working process is how bumpy.

there will be some like reporting system, but is very rough, not timely feedback, report object is usually the boss, rather than a supervisor. Under the “flattening management” system of martial arts, manager, director, become meaningless. Because of this management way is after fully mobilize the staff initiative, but most of the small company learned skin did not learn the essence, the middle built on stilts, the boss every day busy dying live, middle has no authority, employees don’t know what he is busy, the company has become a mess.

the garden of Eden of idealistic

baidu encyclopedia of idealistic definition is: by human brain fantasy and personal involvement of the virtual world, tend to position himself out of reach for a role in reality or his vision of a better world. This dream often reveal a people strong and unable to reach a desire. Think of your boss?

the boss is good at speech, articulate, well, if you come across a reluctant to tell their ideas and let employees to craft a boss that is very miserable, he would feel if you understand, that he spend money hiring employees must also understand, every time talking about products to be understand, for employees disagree, there is always a way to avoid reply directly, or directly to ignore, and employees would better boss to discuss, but overall the shelf of the product itself will not change, is more than a feather, less bone, just can’t let employees take orally, dry.

the will of a small company is about the boss his will, so he believes he will be able to pour one day BAT, draw pie for employees, but employees have never tasted this piece of pie, over time, grinding out patience, began to divided.

products and markets disconnect

usually, small company’s products are based on the city (yi) (Yin), so often worked so hard to make the product, the market is not, summing-up the result found not because there is something wrong with the product itself, but the problem of Marketing Department, will fall to sin in the “responsible”. Or frequent substitutions, or in products, everyone has a different positioning, each product in different directions, tired of employees, not only the body tired, more tired heart, there is no KPI, more difficult than a KPI, because the work is a never finish.

the data is lying, so market research can only reference, personal experience is limited, so the boss personal judgment can only reference, the master can guide around, but the final judgment will be left to the market. So based on the market demand is the basic judgment of the root of the small company survive, follow the market rather than follow the boss, unless the boss is Steve jobs. Products quickly if not abandon, if the market a little reaction is rapid iteration.

a small company in addition to perform fast, all that remains is to adapt to the market, do not attempt to lead the market, the education market.

above all is the common fault of the small companies often can see, there are many, such as the internal infighting, recruitment and the hand of the universal, but business friends around too much, so that enough is enough. Although sick, but a small company, often have no medicine to save, because it is because the persistence that will lead to the success of small company.

Kevin kelly said subvert our innovation often comes from industry of the edge, the edge of the subversive is called “small company (start-ups)”.