The cloud software monitoring company, ScienceLogic raised $43 million

Beijing time on February 20th morning news, transfer the software to the cloud has become the trend of The Times, it can not only simplify the operation process, but also can improve enterprise efficiency, but many enterprises in the process encountered some trouble. Specifically targeting the market of the cloud software monitoring company ScienceLogic just won by Goldman sachs leading $43 million in financing.

ScienceLogic until now has 12 years of time, the D round that the company’s total financing has more than doubled, the company is prepared to IPO (initial public offering) in the future.

SienceLogic was founded in 2003, there weren’t many enterprise software to the cloud, so the cloud software monitoring service has not widely attention. But now, with cloud computing popular gradually, the situation is gradually changing.

NEA risk investment companies in the United States invested ScienceLogic as early as 2010, the company’s general partner Harry ยท weiler (Harry Weller,) said: “we know that you have to see the deeper technology can trust cloud computing architectures, in-depth understanding of operating system, the virtual machine and a variety of hardware.” And ScienceLogic just to help the company completed the plan.

ScienceLogic passed round the business adjustment, technology has expanded coverage, help enterprise clients such as Kellogg see all IT infrastructure, from the traditional private data centers to the new type of public and private cloud.

although facing IBM , HP , CA, Microsoft , the competition of established companies such as VMware, but ScienceLogic still won many users and subscriber growth of 125% over the past year. Weiler said that even the amazon are using ScienceLogic in service.

the company will invest the proceeds in sales, marketing, research and development and international expansion. Goldman sachs, general manager of commercial banking David Campbell (David Campbell) will join ScienceLogic board.

NEA and Intel capital existing shareholders to participate in this round of financing, such as the company financing totaled $84 million so far.