The charity 50 people to identify: technology bosses for the most generous philanthropist

cloud network hunting note: in the vigorous development of science and technology constantly emerging young talents are, and they are also changing the pattern of the charity. In 2013, zuckerberg couple in the top of “charity 50 people in the United States”, which has attracted the admiration of the world for the youth science and technology. “Charity 50 people in the United States recently issued” in 2014, let’s analyze the changes of the year!

in 2014, the “American charity 50 people donated funds increased by 27.5%. The growth of the donor funding, on the one hand, thanks to the bill and Melinda gates? Gates donated $1.5 billion, on the other hand is because the proliferation of tech entrepreneurs under the age of 40, one of the three young entrepreneurs every donor funding more than $500 million.

in 2012, from the “charity 50 people in the United States” donate money growth rate is only 4%, compared with the data, the growth in 2014 is astonishing.

two big charity image of science and technology is changing prodigy before never disclose their donations. One of them is, 38, Jan Koum, he was the founder of the WhatsApp, he donated $556 million to the silicon valley community foundation, which made him among the list a fourth “charity 50 people in the United States”. Another is the Sean Parker, 35, he is a former President of Facebook and Napster, the founder of the company he family foundation and donor funds donated $550 million, making him in “charity 50 people in the United States” ranking of fifth.

at the top of the “American charity 50 people” list, the third is a 39-year-old Nicholas Woodman and his wife, Jill, 38, who was the founder of the high-tech company GoPro camera, they donate money to silicon valley community foundation last year just over $500 million.

in 2014 “charity 50 people in the United States” list other eight people from the science and technology, a total of 12 people. In 2013, by contrast, American charity 50 people “list six people from the science and technology, 2013, mark zuckerberg and his wife chan, Chen became the first 30 years old the following donors in the top of the list (donated nearly $1 billion).

compared to the donor donations from other industry, science and technology of donors to donate a huge amount of money: from the point of total 2014 individual charitable donations, donors of science and technology of donated funds accounted for “charity 50 people in the United States” to donate 47% of the total $9.8 billion.

change pattern

Mr And Mrs Gates near the top “charity 50 people in the United States” list is due in November they will Microsoft shares of $1.5 billion donation to the foundation of their families. Since 2009, when Mr And Mrs Gates at the top of “American charity 50 people” list, they didn’t disclose any new individual donations.

at the top of the “American charity 50 people” list of the second and third philanthropists still older donors, so it has been in the past. Ranking second place was Ralph c. Wilson, Jr., he was the Buffalo Bills of the boss, he died in March, aged 95, he donated $1 billion to charity. He will create the money donated to his family foundation, a charity fund major aid in New York and Michigan.

at the top of the “American charity 50 people” list of the third is a 83 – year – old businessman Ted Stanley, he promised the Broad institute donated $650 million, this is the one of the biggest economic commitment to mental health research.

last year by the most generous americans donate money has not been implemented in related aspects, which will inevitably lead to more in other parts of the congress and on allocation of endowment fund proposal as soon as possible.

total donation of $5.8 billion more than 60% of the part is assigned to the 17 institutions, for the most part of the money allocated to these institutions, followed by $1.5 billion were assigned to some colleges and universities.

under the age of 40 donors in after donation is more likely to put their money into the fund. In spite of this, their early contributions can also reflect their final money flows.

Mr Parker’s foundation funded 24 million dollars last year created a research center at Stanford university, the research center focused on allergy research. The aim of this research center is not only find a way to treat allergy symptoms. Assembled many experts in the field of the research center, in order to explore the potential mechanism of the immune system, behind the allergic to find a way to treat allergy, so this research center will itself as the first research unit.

Mr Woodman and Koum did not donate money to them to do detailed instructions, but Mr Koum through his foundation donated $1 million to the FreeBSD foundation. FreeBSD foundation for computer programmers to provide a free, open source operating system. Mr Koum use the system to promote the development of his company.

Michael Johnson charity center grand valley state university professor Moody prediction technology entrepreneur’s funds in the money won’t idle for too long. He said young donors to establish endowment is not interested in money, instead they want to promote a rapid change, especially in the face of accelerating the pace of development of science and technology.

Michael Moody said: “many young entrepreneurs of science and technology has been committed to seek better opportunities, that is why they can create enormous wealth.”

at indiana university Lilly family charitable school, head of research at Una Osili said she also hope these young donors can participate in their donations. At the same time, she hope these young donors are not restricted by system restriction, but think about what people can help them in this process, don’t tube from these people.

Una Osili said: “this is not a mechanism of gratitude. In the work life, the young donors know that talent is critical, now they are apply this experience to charity. Young donors are pooling talent to motivate innovation.”

team approach

this is just what Mr Parker approach, he is “charity 50 people in the United States” the most young donors, who in 2012 to “Stand Up to Cancer,” the team paid for $5 million.

Mr Parker does not support any particular research center, “Stand Up to Cancer” by “the Entertainment Industry Foundation”, this is a Cancer “dream team”. “Stand Up to Cancer researchers at the university of collected from all over the world study, the researchers aim to accelerate the treatment of Cancer, they expect to achieve within three years from the experimental stage to Cancer research clinical phase of the transition.

these researchers need to share their research information in a timely manner, rather than waiting to put these information to the relevant journal, at the same time they also need to accept some technology consultant team visit on a regular basis.

Stand Up to Cancer, co-founder of Rusty Robertson said the team approach is a way to attract young tech entrepreneurs.

Rusty Robertson said: “crack the code is a young man wants to do.” He added: “I like this model, because I like to create something new.”

, 41, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, have also been team together to overcome this can encourage all major issues.

Sergey Brin fund will give priority to his family, his family funds donated nearly $383 million. These money flows like a Tipping Point Community and Ashoka organization, Ashoka is a non-profit organization aims to develop the social entrepreneurs.

like “Stand Up to Cancer”, “Tipping Point” Community also brings together a group of experts to focus on overcome a specific problem; “Tipping Point Community aims to eliminate the poverty of the San Francisco area.

the team will recruit some people to take part in their lab “T” scholarships, and asked to recruit the staff performance as software developers to launch a new application. Researchers usually for a six-month brainstorming, they will use scientific research methods to solve some problems, these problems such as “lack of child care”, “early childhood education”, “have a criminal record support”…

marc Benioff, the founder of and his wife, Lynn in 14 “charity 50 people in the United States”, they also help “Tipping Point” operation in a campaign, Benioff help launch the activity, the activity called “SF, Gives”, this activity from the gulf of science and technology has raised more than 1000 ten thousand yuan. foundation is Mr Benioff’s charitable sector, has promised $1 million when the campaign launched.

“Tipping Point” for the development of managing director Jennifer Pitts, said the campaign surplus funds raised owes much to Mr Benioff, he called his friends, they give this activity support.

ms Pitts believe in San Francisco, this activity will be given more help technology elite.

“we haven’t got everyone’s help,” she said.

the increasing influence of science and technology

if the technology industry in the role of philanthropy continues to grow at the rate of existing, this trend is likely to permanently reverse the financial industry in the position in charity. Although in 2014 “charity 50 people in the United States” in the list there are 11 people from the financial sector, in 2013 the figure was 14. Donor contributions in the field of financial funds in excess of $1 billion, it was only the donors of science and technology of a quarter of the amount of donation.

2014 “charity 50 people in the United States” list from the financial sector donors by John and Laura Arnold, the early 40 s couple focus is the charitable sector pension reform, which has aroused people’s controversial. Their $218.4 million in donations are assigned in science and technology, education, public policy and the criminal justice work four areas, they ranked 2014 annual ranking of the 11th “charity 50 people in the United States”.

in the 2014 “charity 50 people in the United States” in the list, in addition to the eight couples or individuals more than 50 people, 50 donors median age was 73 years old, the age is higher than last year. List is the most older donors in David Rockefeller, he is 99 years old, David Rockefeller ranked list of 26, he donated $7900, most of the donate money to the Rockefeller university.

many philanthropists have send their donation gift to the colleges and universities.

Jay Jordan II (at the top of the list. 28) was the founder of the investment company of Chicago, he donated $75 million the university of Notre Dame, the funds for science and technology research. When Jay Jordan II asked why donate money to the university, he simply said: “this is common sense. Notre Dame university is my Alma mater, this is a wonderful place.”

Jay Jordan II in 1969, graduated from the university of Notre Dame, he said he wanted to ensure that the university can attract the best talents of science and technology. But he says he is not the purpose of transferring money fast in a specific direction. He decided to send the gift last year because “I have too much money, I have to get rid of it.”

another two donors have sent donations to the school, but they are faithful, they are eager to promote democracy around the world.

a former U.S. ambassador to Slovakia Ronald Weiser and his wife Eileen Lapping Weiser (they and other six donors are common among the list of 41) which donated $5000, they gave the half to their Alma mater, the university of Michigan, Weiser center, the center aims to promote democracy in the world scope, the couple in the center of the donated $2008 in 10 million to create Weiser.

McKinley Associates is a real estate investment company, the company’s founder, says Mr Weiser he wants to use the $50 million to do two things: the top thinkers have drawn to the university of Michigan, and to guide for some countries to help them complete the transition from dictatorship to democracy.

Ronald Weiser and his wife Eileen Lapping Weiser specially arranged for their contributions of time, in order to cooperate with the university of Michigan, 4 billion dollars in financing activities to inspire other potential donors.