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no one can like mark? Anderson as accurate insight into the future. He cross of economy and science and technology in the field of prediction has been pay close attention to silicon valley. He can think globally, the consumer anticipation is “the next big thing” and “hot spots, and to gain insight into what line over the popular products and countries. The “Strategic News Service,” led by Anderson company (Strategic News Service), is a designed for industry leaders and venture capitalists services publisher of communication. The company claims to have so many readers, such as dell, chief executive officer Michael? Dell, tesla, chief executive of Ellen? Musk and Microsoft founder bill? Gates. Recently, a party in San Francisco, mark? Anderson on the technology of 2015 published his prophecy. Main points are as follows:

technology prediction:

? Digital currency such as COINS will emerge in endlessly, at the same time, it will be over. Money always need a country’s economic strength and military strength as a guarantee to win the trust of the people.

? “Network neutrality”, namely, Internet service providers and the government should be equal treatment to all the concept of the data, will continue to live.

? Pattern recognition will become the big data real goal. There will be a large number of new tool and chip was developed, to get people to collect data, to identify previously no insights into trends, triggering a computing revolution.

? After several companies have recently suffered hacker attacks, network security will become the chief executives to focus on the first priority. Because of the lack of protection of network system may cause damage, far more than build a security network for costs, companies will no longer be a tight and tight security spending cuts, in turn to invest.

? Field of virtual reality is still dominated by the entertainment industry. While Facebook company $2 billion acquisition of the Oculus, but can let people immersed in the 3 d world of head-mounted equipment is still far from daily life.

? Amazon does not bode well for the company. Due to the ebook pricing issue argued with Hachette publishing group, coupled with an uncertain future unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) service and bombed the Fire mobile phone business, the home appliance giants are likely to suffer huge losses.

? Networked home appliances (such as a can let you tweeting refrigerator) will enter the market, but still will not become the mainstream. People really want is low energy costs, however, a lot of TV screen and a remote control. In the eyes of many, and some dumb devices communicate with each other too complicated, there seems to be no traditional home appliance so reliable.

? Apple’s digital payment service Apple Pay will be a great success, establish the leadership position in the market.

? Computer encryption will still is the mainstream trend.

? Personal health, fitness and lifestyle will incorporate equipment, the market will arise a lot of watches and fitness wristbands. Smart clothing (imagine: connected to the Internet, to monitor blood flow of socks) due to its price and reliability issues, will still belongs to a niche product.

economic outlook:

? Oil prices will remain low. new energy and oil hydraulic fracturing production means that oil prices will remain in the 50 – $60 a barrel, lower than earlier this year, more than half. Has been energy spending to take up a large amount of money available now to build Bridges, schools and other infrastructure. It will be sent a gift in the world.

? China will face the test. China’s economy is mainly driven by political rather than capital. The government’s economic report is filled with data, manufactured in serious environmental pollution, people no longer trust the food quality. To sum up, the Chinese people is not happy. China’s leaders received a good education, it is very wise. They are trying to maintain macroeconomic stability, therefore said China will mess up too early. But when that day comes, it will be a hard landing.

? Japan’s economy is expected to be a recovery. although about Japan’s struggling late: natural disasters, labor force aging etc – but it’s actually in good condition. It relies on high quality goods for export business model, Toyota motor corp., this kind of strong performance of the multinational enterprises in the world, and less than in other countries import means that Japan’s economy will be stronger.

? The company will be in deep trouble. samsung’s business model is to sell existing inventions, such as the iPhone improved product, rather than based on independent innovation products. Such as smartphone manufacturers millet company is the strong rise of the Chinese competitors, samsung’s the end of the day may.

? India’s situation looks good. in the U.S. and Indian leaders recently frequent exchange of visits between means is to strengthen the military relations between the two countries. The United States will increase support for India’s nuclear weapons program, while the latter is the actual producing nuclear weapons. It will be more closely allied himself in South Asia, India and the United States, the basis of the relationship between and this will make Chinese feel nervous.

? The European Union will experience cultural conflict. most decisions are made by Germany, now the problem is that other Nordic countries, notably Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark will support Germany?

? Poor conditions in Australia. China holds large stakes in Australian companies. When the money in Australia, it has no investment in their own industry and in the university. Now, as the natural resource price is falling, Australia has become a weakening currency, mainly rely on natural resources of the economy. It is China’s largest customer, while China’s interest is to become the master of many enterprises in Australia. Chinese (wealth)

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