The ant gold dress to also want to focus on entrepreneurship, 100 million venture funds

entrepreneurial hot right now, the ant gold clothing also began to pay special attention to the entrepreneurial groups based on their strategic layout.

ant gold suit today announced to the world, will invest 100 million yuan of funds to support entrepreneurs, and combined the first finance and economics, build “Internet +” business innovation television series “the forefront,” the champion team bonus up to millions. Program has been kicked off on April 21, is already underway.

traditional industries and the mutual integration of the Internet, online and offline, is starting a new “Internet +” agitation and O2O business boom. Pay treasure to purse, quick take a taxi, tao dots… The application of these familiar has been a part of people’s life. And more and more “Internet +” innovation project, will continue to bring to people’s life small and beautiful.

“the forefront” held together by the ant gold network clothing, dozens of venture capital institutions to participate. In order to support entrepreneurs, the ant gold into a billions of venture capital, the excellent project support competition emerge. Beginning in July, the forefront in ningxia weekend primetime TV and the first financial channel.

according to introducing, “the forefront” entrepreneurship competition will mainly take the O2O business start-ups. Both plan “entrepreneurs” of entrepreneurship, and is already developing products of entrepreneurs, can bring your own ideas and products, technology application. In the forefront of several rounds of competition, entrepreneurs team will face big star, the audience, the investment community cafes test and challenge. The final promotion of entrepreneurial team, have a chance to win millions of bonus and one hundred million venture funds.

in addition to venture funds, “the lead will also introduce the powerful review team: the ant gold suit group chief strategy officer Jackie chan, saif investment chief partner Andrew y yan,” entrepreneurs “chairman NiuWenWen, well-known writer financial xiao-bo wu dozens of business financial guru will take turns to play, such as the comprehensive project, sharp reviews, for” potential shares “endorsement, power project financing.

it is important to note that owns alipay wallet, balance of famous businesses such as the ant gold treasure group acting as the sole strategic partner of the contest. Ant gold suit group chief strategy officer Jackie chan said, pay treasure to purse, balance or credit sesame and other business, the ant gold suit has been using the technology of the Internet and the way to bring social changes in tiny and beautiful. In the “Internet +”, under the tide of the ant gold suit hope and entrepreneurs together, through the O2O what a change and create more value to society.

this also means that the business is under the spring tide of mature more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to and support the business, and together with entrepreneurial enterprises constitute the “Internet +” ecosystem of The Times. This also with the subject of the era of “public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation”.