Testin launch crowdsourcing application testing service “the test”

on the afternoon of March 10, independent third-party mobile applications, games, cloud services platform measuring testin cloud testin the official launch test platform. As a kind of new management mode of application of Testin the measure for developers to provide on-demand paid SaaS services, including compatibility, availability, and Beta testing, etc.

Testin the measurement not only provide test planning, function tests, compatibility test, usability testing, beta testing services, developers can also directly using the test platform of bug management, the collapse of the case management, project management, monitoring and other online tools, help small and medium-sized developers don’t need to hire professional testing team can easily apply quality management well.

at the scene, Testin cloud measure CEO wang jun said: “the test platform also provides excellent domestic test engineer with talent, an important channel to earn profits, hope the test platform for mobile applications for the user to deliver high performance and extreme experience, achieve win-win effect.”

as a vertical based on cloud computing service providers Testin cloud, the cloud service for the customer acquisition and delivery provides a great convenience, the launch of the test platform, will also be a cloud service to subdivide the market, to better play to the aggregation effect of the test platform, which laid a foundation for more test engineer involved in cloud services.

with Testin have similar business companies including foreign the UTest test company, currently has more than 200 countries around the world, with 150000 test experts, and received $43 million in early 2014 the fifth round of funding. Testin the goal is to measurement and UTest carve up “the measure” cake markets around the world.

team revealed that Testin cloud measurement was set up four years continuous service more than 350000 developers, for more than 750000 apps for more than 8000 ten thousand times test, successively for IDG and ficus altissima tens of millions of dollars in investment.