Teacher: to mediation tutor O2O, improve teachers less income parents spending

on February 2, hunting cloud network messages (text/’ hope)

disintermediated, craftsmen liberation, is a typical O2O is doing. O2O in the field of education, actually is a missing part of O2O layout. Traditional tutoring market has a lot of profit squeeze space: the teacher’s income only for parents to pay tuition fees of 30% or less. Teacher came to remove the intermediate links, do is to improve the teacher income, reduce the spending of the parents.

“we want to be able to build a knowledge and skills of share trading platform”, YuYiDong convective cloud network said. Teacher to a free hour, after-school evaluation system makes parents decision cost is very low, the selection of teachers also make platform is more competitive. Real-name teacher certification, can according to the price, teaching experience, several ways to choose their favorite teachers.

now, go out from the institutions of the teacher, the experience of the retired school teacher has a lot of, they want to their own skills to achieve maximum value. The teacher to provide more students, teachers not only to obtain the higher income, but also a personal business platform. Transparent information, open the teacher evaluation mechanism for power, real power of the teacher, you can wear the crown, teacher also provide trust guarantee for parents and students to choose. In the large base of teachers, parents and students can easily obtain information transparency and discipline counselling service experience, students and teachers in the online can more accurate matching.

in addition, safe and reliable tuition treasure to become parents and teachers more solid connection line.

founder CEO YuYiDong, flower tang’s monk , graduated from zhejiang university. During grinding, founded the chain instruction after one on one focus on teenagers education institutions. At the same time developed personalized multidimensional learning promotion system (CMES). In 2010, he felt the influence of the Internet platform for education, hope to change the ecological education industry, the emerging of the Internet technology thinking into the essence of education, to implement transparent orderly education ecosystem.

offline counselling organization founded experience, let YuYiDong found that parents and students demand for deep experience education through offline education it is difficult to be satisfied; For the k12 stage of students, pure online education to its self-consciousness and there is a big test, offline mode way to solve the problem by using line, matching form online and offline teaching O2O platform, seems to be more can solve the problem of the current education the demand of the market.

in May 2014, “the teacher to the” product team officially started, for the first level of angel investment of $ten million. YuYiDong team believe that all fighting skill only fast break, pursues the only constant is change. YuYiDong tell hunting cloud network, the whole team “hard, can improve the user experience’s function as a night, argued.

from the pattern, and who learn and some other counterpart and teachers here are very similar, but each team has its own distinctive features. Old to the characteristic mainly reflects in the focus, vertical segmentation k12 teaching field. Grade choice, is divided into three options field, elementary school, junior high school, high school courses, the science of biological science and geography as well as the number of English clearly listed in the interface, respectively, be clear at a glance, simple and convenient. “Believe that deep and slow, is far better than the widely and quickly, only do this pattern, the user experience, ready to do behind the model will be very fast”, YuYiDong convective cloud network said.

since officially launched in September 2014, choose hangzhou as the first place. At present, the teacher to have covered hangzhou five main reserves of more than 20000 teachers, 1375 of them are famous hangzhou has quite a reputation in the industry. Has helped 1214 students find a good teacher.

in order to achieve the best user experience, the teacher to the team is still in continuous efforts. At present not only let the students and teachers are very good match, online paid on the platform and make offline data collection to online again. Implement closed-loop O2O.


YuYiDong admits that online combination of well to solve the limitation of k12 stage students self-consciousness, in terms of O2O face at the heart of the closed loop, how to realize the Online2Offline, real Offline2Online problem. The task is arduous.