“Task” rabbit let craftsmen themselves do party a

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sharing economy is also called the collaborative consumption, its core is “using but not possess,” one extra time, have the skills can be Shared with other people. This idea is very popular in European and American countries, also got the favour of capital market. Domestic main type sharing economic concept also attract group after group of entrepreneurs in them.

cloud network hunting has focused on a domestic P2P sharing local vocational service platform “task” rabbit is similar to the local professional sharing site Thumbtack, but unlike the Thumbtack is a reverse offer, and the task of the rabbit is through the user’s positive selection.

task rabbit products just launched for a month, covers Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou five cities, to provide users with including art training, drive, tour guide, private kitchens, manicure, hotels try to sleep, break up the master of more than 700 kinds of professional services such as demand, all registered users.

as a main platform for P2P sharing economy, every registered user has master and rabbit two identities, task can be either the service provider and service consumer, can open a belong to their own professional skills of the store when the boss also can buy other merchant service, only the users with different professional skill value discretion.

task of rabbit was established with social graph + information contact between the seller and the buyer and deal closed loop, willing to share professional skills of any person registered via mobile phone to open their own skills to share. Task master according to the requirements in accordance with the category, through the view task rabbit service introduction, personal introduction, evaluation, selection task rabbit and pay the deposit; Task of rabbit is according to the task for address, phone number and make an appointment time to reach the task within the allotted time primary address service or task by appointment time door to door service; Task rabbit after the service, main tasks can be offline cash transactions or pay treasure, WeChat trading platform to complete the follow-up balance payment payment and evaluation.

founder Wang Zibin said in an interview with hunting cloud network, “the form reduces the threshold of the open and complicated procedures, and do not charge any fees, also support the daily withdrawal, withdrawal will be in 1 ~ 2 working days after order, at the same time to provide with service needs of users 30% below the market price of local vocational service.” Artisans, he argues, will be more and more freedom in the long-term development, whether business or personal, can open a shop. Future individuals and businesses will exist, merchants will not disappear, the long term will only become small and beautiful.

task rabbit’s goal is to want to do China’s Thumbtack, this also and hunting cloud network previously reported similar, but the difference in addition to the mentioned before and Shared thinking more clear (mainly refers to an App has two identities) at the same time, the “task” rabbit has done to service social binding (sina weibo, renren), can view the service user selection service weibo content. Looking for a designer, for example, see him at ordinary times what can probably understand the designer’s aesthetic basic, renren binding service providers can see his education, etc. Wang Zibin said, with the development of SNS, will gradually solve the problem of good faith.

in addition, the task of rabbit and a similar to taobao seven days no reason to return 100% of the employers guarantee scheme, if in the process of accepting service related service provider fails to perform the agreement or contract, thereby causing loss to the user. Problems such as full payment (service providers have no ability to finish the work; Caused by service providers for other reasons not completed within the prescribed time when employers demand; Service providers refused to according to the agreement requirements for employers to modify works; Providers work does not meet the requirements of the agreement) both sides when such negotiations fail, the employer shall have the right to initiate the rights to apply for a full refund. At the same time, the task of rabbit still in contact with the insurance company cooperation to protect the interests of the employer.

in the team, the task of rabbit team currently has 10 people, products and technologies. Founder and CEO Wang Zibin operation VP lee home outfit, co-founder and COO Chen is a former taobao client product manager, the CTO yi-ming zhao served as deputy director sina technology. At present, the ongoing Pre – A round of funding.

the author thinks that, the task of rabbit such sharing P2P local vocational service platform to a certain extent, provides a platform for people with skills, but the challenge they will face a lot of. American Thumbtack indeed developing very rapidly, but its mode and the cultural environment is suitable for domestic, plus the O2O industry increasingly competitive segment, the task of the rabbit coverage, whether the systematic, standardization is also deeply. In addition, the task of rabbit technician for individuals and small businesses, for their technical services standards remains to be strengthened.