Tao: onion to do hai tao “top 10” media properties, ready for the dual mode + generation delivery, logistics speed is controlled in a week

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buy cosmetics is a difficult thing, the shop is too expensive, taobao too miscellaneous, domestic don’t trust, go abroad to buy too much trouble, and often do not know what to buy, merchants tried to promote their products, is a pair of every potter praises his pot. Such as acne, can really need a complete acne removing products, but the average electricity network operators after seeing a acne removing products website, don’t know whether the effect is good. So, if there is a platform that can show the world across borders acne removing the best ten item project, this time consumer confidence seems to be more. we really need a platform, reducing consumption decisions resistance can convenient the right to buy the authentic products, this is the starting point of the onion tao.

onion tao do is quality goods overseas online shopping cosmetics, solve the Chinese consumers want to buy high quality, high cost performance demand for cosmetics, wants to help the people of the quality requirements of life, to find high quality suits own cosmetics. Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe and the United States makeup products are guaranteed quality, from the tao, can be transparent at a lower price to buy quality goods, overseas mining, sent home.

Onions for main target groups for students Bai Fu beauty and little meat, workplace for simple function to the extreme, this kind of the people first help ocd patients less choice, selection of good material to reduce the choice cost.

Onions for CEO elya convective cloud network, said: “China has more than 2400 colleges and universities more than 2000 students, with the development of The Times, the students have certain consumption ability and consumption consciousness, value the quality value tonality, and when these students after graduation to enter the workplace, but also will be an urgent need to further expand consumption in order to enhance their quality of life, in the transition of consumption, need to study related knowledge, and then make corresponding decisions.”

so, onion tao daily recommendation 1 hot style sheet is tasted, 1, 1 article. Item will be 10 PM in the day to snap up at a lower price, sold out so far; Projects is the best cosmetic buildup, for example, will inventory acne removing the best products, hair care products, work suit to use makeup is tasted, nightclub, suit to use makeup is tasted, men the most suitable for perfume, resistance to haze best artifact… Topic selection of precision, the setting of fit consumer crowd demand; The article has introduced some makeup tutorials, step on to use the item and makeup, beauty makeup talent or fashion bloggers to write, and aimed at real-life depth to help users learn to use the method, lets the user in the consumer at the same time also learn a lot about practical knowledge of skin care and make-up.

onion tao team is a blend of baidu, millet, where talent and cultural background of team, with the spirit of the Wolf and leopard execution. CEO elya, before baidu cloud UED, baidu’s highest level of interaction designers, CMO, serial entrepreneur struggle for many years, proprietary pr companies turn to do onion tao, CTO is a Canadian Chinese, Microsoft project engineer.

Onions for competitors to taobao, to gather in the United States, the small circle of friends to buy on sb’s behalf, are competing for the target population competition platform.

the first different from taobao, taobao is a C2C platform, set up shop sellers sell goods, optional product pricing sales service is decided by the sellers, in pursuit of profit maximization, sellers ensemble demonstrated and buyers faced is the choice of high costs, and extremely low trust relationship;

second is not the same as poly beauty, the beauty gathered from makeup group buying overseas online shopping to beauty makeup, platform, the direction of the electric business go up, but anyway, he is a pure businessman, so all of the goods described, all of the sales strategy, is to sell. But Onions for provide users with more valuable content, do sales based on content, the new 10 samples of colour makeup good content, 10 had to buy hair care products, go to Japan to buy ten or more items, need small beauty makeup tools recommended, to allow the user to buy a commodity, understand the world ranking of the goods, to know the commodity brand story and so on;

again with different friends buy on sb’s behalf, circle of friends a lot of guerrilla sellers, if stores procurement from abroad and human flesh back come back, is to be able to guarantee the authenticity, but it’s not a price advantage, if agent pick from the domestic market, by themselves cannot guarantee product quality, and all kinds of security all have no, also did not dare to do mass.

onion tao is the standard of B2C, choose products, their cargo, their delivery, guarantee and service, using high quality content, professional quality team, help users to find the good things worth buying.

venture road, CEO elya convective cloud network, said: “start a business like to obtain buddhist scriptures, wringer must one pass a level, the difficulties encountered pain points are naturally a lot, but think is necessary according to the rhythm of conquer, so also is like a strange upgrade, don’t feel bitter don’t feel tired.”

onion tao first face a difficulty is stable supplier. “My business partner and I almost put the extended/priest changed resources are digging, angel investors also help introduce all sorts of suppliers, currently has a stable supply channels, but still afraid to treat STH lightly, makes every effort to try to achieve win-win cooperation on taking goods, to grow together with our suppliers, together with market, to retain users”, said elya.

in addition, overseas online shopping mall faces a great difficulty is how to improve speed of overseas online shopping. Normally, in order to collect the goods abroad, the pattern to the domestic to 15 days or so, or slower than domestic directly buy too much. so changed to stock up after the dual mode + generation delivery, logistics speed can be controlled within a week to reach the user’s hands, the speed of the problem is solved.

doing retained and after purchase, elya said they are good at to do new, but new good do remains difficult, retained spread easily, how to be retained and dissemination, has been the onion tao throughout the proposition. “Whether we’re we sincerely provide content, or selected goods, all is in order to achieve this goal, believe that good product itself will speak. Current social saturated situation, make high quality content is the only chance to live, otherwise will never no space. As long as the content is good enough, the user is willing to stay, and would like to see every day, so we have been adhering to the concept, content and choose products, at the same time cooperate with coupons and push mechanism, continuously recall the user, to attract the user after purchase, “elya tell hunting cloud network.

onion tao products just launched version 1.0, but in fact behind the supply of goods and accurate user has a certain accumulation (), march is the season of students of school, onion tao will focus on users, students must launch a series of special students apply and goods. The future will still be at the target users, providing valuable content, good commodity, quality the first, second, to make money scale. 3.

it is imperative to grasp accurately the user, and can further financing at the appropriate time, expand the scale, expand the category. Onion tao in the future, the nature is also want to do quality electrical contractor in the field of hai tao.

onion tao’s business model is B2B2C, user-oriented rendering is a B2C mall, corresponding behind several overseas suppliers, suppliers with onion tao according to the profit sharing. Onion tao is an angel round state, is looking for A round of funding.

hai tao will be an outbreak in 2015 years, whether it is good policy, or some countries to China’s output power increases, or the sea for the increase of the competitors, or a big electric business platform to hai tao, or the user consumption ability and desire of ascension, which indicates the hai tao will usher in a wave of growth. But hai tao industry practitioners are faced with the pressure and challenges will also is huge, after all, this is one is heavier than traditional business mode of electricity, need to consider the multinational category sourcing take goods more difficult, in the case of national policy changes, find the best cross-border logistics and warehousing services, solve the problem of user after-sales service and so on, so for example, in the case of sea for practitioners, more should be pregnant stage in this market, win-win cooperation, together to become bigger and stronger to make scale, fight again.