Take bus WiFi entrance baidu, led China interconnected $11.5 million in A round of funding

China media, today announced that its subsidiary, shenzhen haihua apparent before mobile communications co., LTD. (” China “the Internet) have A round of capital increase agreement, the financing amount is about 70 million yuan ($11.5 million). The deal by baidu led, guangdong zhongke zhongke baiyun and dongguan zhongke and China merchants group.

China Internet media is China, a subsidiary of urban public traffic Wi – Fi business, mainly be responsible for the city public transport wi-fi networks in China research and development, construction and operation, and provide the Internet value-added services to passengers. So far, depending on the Internet in China has been more than 15000 bus provide passengers with free wi-fi Internet access services, covering about 7.5 million passengers daily, wi-fi access services provide more than 3 million times a day.

as part of the financing deal, China Internet service agreement signed with baidu has been based on public traffic wi-fi mobile distribution business and cooperate based on baidu map of passenger service.

preemption WiFi user entry, and then combined with the entrance to expand their business, is undoubtedly the giants layout free WiFi played by wishful thinking. Today, the Internet’s big three BAT has pushing the WiFi entrance in the very important strategic position.

comprehensive data found that this year in late may, ali pay treasure to put forward “universal free WiFi plan”, is extremely routing selected equipment suppliers, to borrow alipay purse to make layout. Tencent around WeChat investing to build YeahWiFi project, to achieve WeChat plus new WiFi Internet experience. The same action and millet, through investment and joint mai di launched a total of more than 20000 free WiFi hotspot.