Swiss watches ever save path, perhaps in go today

cloud network hunting note: watch appeared about 200 years ago. From mechanical watch to quartz watch, and smart watches, this period of history waves had been taken. Innovation and heritage, death and rebirth again and again, the wisdom of the scintillation amazing, brilliant lamentable. Now big wearable equipment heat will bring about some kind of confrontation. Let’s look at how the traditional watchmaker bracing!

the Apple before being issued, Watch who all don’t know what it look like. A few days ago, a watch industry insiders call me and ask me what’s the idea. He said his boss are very concerned about this, but understand it few, so want to know some specific information, but then no one has seen Apple Watch, and I do not view can provide.

Apple Watch the night before the release, I and a friend who know some internal information communication. I said I guess maybe in the future we will appear this kind of circumstance: you wearing Apple on wrist Watch, my wrist with a mechanical Watch – I love Bell & amp; Ross, Speedmaster Mark II and Jaeger LeCoultre. – I’m a little bit like dead Swatch Group CEO Nicolas Hayek, like all the watches all wear on your wrist.

a friend shook his head.

“you will wear only Apple Watch.” He said. He told me that Apple sold Watch is fashionable, after a sale and empty.

Apple Watch really started to Watch industry “earthquake”

indeed as expected, Apple Watch conference of surprise. It is a typical “One More Thing” moment. Cook with the language of peace and calm is presented to us, and then the glory of the video started, bathed in the sun, the earth, the lights of the city began to shuo, a flash, the sun rises from the horizon gradually. Seems to have been the – something small silver round turf, slowly turned into a crown. On the other side, there is a small sag of the button. Don’t know who said a sentence: “steel!” , a similar to the alien plants the same image detecting robot eve, angrily opened four small eyes. Background music by electronic synthetic, sounds like a dog barking, crown also rotate back and forth, eventually turned to watch the screen. It is these ICONS? Is the application?

no, it’s not just a watch, but also the symbol of science and technology. When this watch shine, people have forgotten the theme of the earth. It is so amazing – either time, can also be used to communicate with friends. It is like to breed from the unknown world, like we are revealed in a variety of functions – rose can bloom under the clock, at present scenery rotate and acceptance, Mickey Mouse proudly flapping toes. My god, it is all sparkle!!!!!

it is enough to make fans crazy. I’m more sure rebirth of the Swiss watch – once disappear the core of the traditional business crisis again. I believe that if there is one who will wear a Watch, he would surely put Apple Watch. The watch will replace traditional quartz watch status all over the world.

look at the Apple the appearance of the Watch, understand its performance and operation of the system, we more clearly know that it is not only a sports Watch, but also a fashion sheet is tasted, communication function first, second and clock function. Obviously, whether it’s for many years, don’t wear a watch or perennial with a mechanical watch, is apple’s target customers.

as a watch enthusiast, I’m worried about. Apple issued on the eve of the Watch I increasingly believe that it will replace my beloved mechanical watches. This both for me and for other mechanical watch fans, is a difficult thing to accept. As scientific and technological progress the inevitable phenomenon of social changes, however, we are willing to accept, also happy to see the return of the wrist watch, even if they are not from Switzerland.

if Apple Watch fails, then Fossils, Calvin Kleins Burberrys and there’s nothing to be afraid of. But if it is successful, traditional watch industry will usher in 1979 quartz watch crisis after another earthquake.

but first let’s look at some of the watches all men are mortal.

the birth of the wrist watch and glory
First watch with a silver dial and blue ribbon, it comes from a ideas. In 1810, napoleon’s youngest sister, queen of Naples for breguet for her custom one can wear in the fine gold thread woven chain belt clocks. The master clock racking their brains, struggles, finally after two years have created a small asked three tables. Then queen of Naples and bought more clocks in the breguet, but they are a pocket watch. Before world war I the style of the clock are almost a pocket watch, because at that time men more in love with his pocket watch, and regard the wrist watch is “bracelet”, is only suitable for women to wear.

by 1900, however, weakened the role of the pocket watch. With the outbreak of war and global risk and hard environment, makes the use of a pocket watch is very inconvenient. The sailors began to use the watch, Hamilton also started mass production for American young people watch. Such a British watch the advertisement propaganda way: “it’s all in the world the most reliable timer”. Watches become very common, after ten years of mechanical watch and achieved parity and today’s smartphones.

today is still known and loved brand timex, rolex, omega, one hundred spirit are public goods at first. In 1957, a rolex watch worth $150, about $1200 today, is not can’t afford it. Timex was $12 a, in the Swiss watch is not expensive. In promoting mechanization era, even without any special skills or design of Swiss watches can also sell well in more than a decade.

quartz caused the crisis of

on December 25, 1969, the Japanese Seiko watches company launched the world first pointer quartz watch Astron 35 sq. Quartz clock is not a new thing. Exposure to the electricity to flow the vibration of the quartz crystal will produce a predictable, this feature can be used to the timing. Quartz watch time also is more accurate than mechanical, to some extent, it also has the advantages of seismic. Seiko took more than a decade to make it successfully developed and put into market. Astron initially valued at $1200 a, almost as an average car.

seconds tick Astron walks in mysterious to many people, it represents the passing of time. The initial Astron limited sales, 100. Seiko after using the integrated circuit has carried on the improvement to it, and started selling to upgrade version, prices also go down a lot. Texas instruments appear more make quartz watch prices fell to $20 in seven years.

quartz watch appear after big popular. They are so simple, don’t need the complicated mechanical gear can be accurate to seconds. The bars and clubs are almost in the 70 s.

it’s influence on the mechanical watch is immediate. Almost in an instant, orders dropped, idle factories, once the watch industry Wang Ruishi table in crisis, and the crown by extracting quartz watch.

old watch company is conservative. Quartz watch to the traditional mechanical manufacturing industry caused by the devastating storm and after similar camera industry. The emergence of digital camera make consumers abandoned high-end Leica shooters and low-end camera Nikon camera, no mention of film industry.

later Swiss watchmaker may be adapted to the situation. About 1970 years or so, the first batch of mass production of quartz movement into the Swiss, and it also is shrinking machine core size and superb technology plays an important role in reducing complexity. But don’t know because of lack of foresight or aversion to electronic products, most of the Swiss manufacturer do not know anything about science and technology. They know the dial and gear, but I do not know the transistor and batteries. So quartz vendors soon left Europe had come to settle in Japan.

Switzerland tried to restore the past glory, then increase the COSC certification (in a long time to harsh means to test the accuracy of the watch) the supply of watches. This certification manufacturers such as one hundred spirit returned to some, but for a repeat of the Swiss. They have a recession, just have not been completely eliminated.

renewal of Swiss watch

in 1972, a Swiss company launched a watch, opened up a road to revival. Over the years, luxury watches with gold commonly as raw material, steel use only low-end adult ceremony, however the Royal Oak audemars Royal Oak is costly quartz watch is raw material with steel. Soon spirit and rolex also followed in one hundred, released more than $8000 worth of steel watch, this once unimaginable. In the 1980 s, the Swiss watch makers tend to join in the design of eccentric color and shiny thing, this trend is becoming more and more popular, manufacturers and mechanical watch with a new sense of mass luxury goods return to glory.

it is worth noting that, in fact, a kind of compromise, not every company is following the trend. Quartz during the crisis, some established companies, such as Chopin and treasure ji went bankrupt because of refused to use quartz.

in the 90 s, the luxury mechanical watch back in fashion. Rolex, had filed a high-end watches can only think of brand, also with pei na, omega at sea, one hundred relatively new companies such as spirit together, not only is a few hundred years history of respectable watch company. This situation can only represent a $14000 watch cheap goods. The center of the finally once again become a watch manufacturing.

high quality rolex, omega, and tissot slowly become representatives of luxury, the quartz watch would become the choice of the ordinary people. But that was not enough to save the Swiss watch industry, maintain the old corporate ceos of luxury life. Until Nicolas Hayek, the emergence of the situation.

Nicolas Hayek was born on February 19, 1928, was born in Beirut, Lebanon a belief in the Greek orthodox church family. In early 1980, he became the ASUAG and SSIH two Swiss watch company consultant. The two companies were established in the early 1930 s, then has decades of history. They include the main brand of omega, tissot and ETA, in the sand, and a factory was built in 1793. S war, ETA cheap and mass production of the Swiss movement became the industry standard, with almost every watch is this kind of movement. In front of the quartz watch was born, it has grip watch manufacturing more than 60 years. Quartz crisis, the company through the production of mechanical watch, quartz watch stumbled through the crisis. In addition, ASUAG also has the world’s largest manufacturer of hairspring Nivarox – FAR. In a nutshell, Hayek saw two’s at the Swiss watch company.

Hayek graduated from mathematical science, founded in 1979 by Hayek Engineering AG, is a shrewd businessman and. In writing the report after the above two companies, he decided to not recruit investment but small company will be 19 watch industry, set up a new company, and form their own control. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull