Suburb life: Jane web APP proprietary local life stand pole, in order to verify the industry still have left to send water of gold”

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if let He Lijun give oneself operation of local community suburb life circle press out of ten dozen, He Lijun tell hunting cloud network only 5.5 for yourself.

from the original website operation personalized reading Jane application refers to read, sorry didn’t go through, to launch “three minutes of your APP” Jane web APP factory, the reference news “are constructed in the use of its products. But after operating for a long time Jane nets team found that the local life and tremendous opportunities for can enter service areas, Jane network provide a platform to operate local talent. We give them write code, they write their content, and got a big fruit we.

but what does this have to do and He Lijun? And he lives operating suburb community what does it matter?

from playing with code, to playing the product

actually He Lijun Jane web APP is the identity of the co-founder of the factory, technical background, focus on distributed computing and distributed storage. themselves with two other colleagues in July last year the suburb to rent a house, stay up late at night, on the floor, began operating Jane network belongs to own independent local suburb community product life circle . Why do you want to do? network CEO Ding Jun told Jane cloud network hunting, the independent operation suburb community, because of its ability of community property is difficult, because we want to the suburb for specific operation method, local community life to feedback to the product research and development, the area of suburb is the hardest to do, we also want to complete the suburb, to all partners a vivid example of .

so, the technical background of heraeus forces under given mission, for now, performance is good, the platform currently has around 80000 users, active day 10000. Light district Revelations can be comparable to the local PC class community website. Second-hand market, and neighborhood BBS, if you are the one plate belongs to high active plate. One day pass voucher is equivalent to a small community edition “beauty”. Peripheral services focus on all the merchants around the yellow pages, regularly updated, very valuable.

why local community has advantage than a lot of community ?

community is not like other products, is a heavy operation. He Lijun tell hunting cloud network, products are most of the community, or concept, product reputation, kernel die cavity. Major products are anxious to occupy the market, the operating team hard to kept pace . Community is a trivial work, disputes and contradictions, to help all need very quick response. Let the community people active, active login to browse. Not familiar with the local people cannot get. So we choose to move directly, grounding gas.

set a benchmark, there is a vivid example, to verify our ideas .

suburb community life actually is not the most well-known products, Jane net tgo group, Beijing pixels, the south are good local community products of traditional Chinese medicine. there are people like chuzhou, chengde, new, yangzhou has got 3 million, 5 million, 1 million of investment. It also said the local community is also recognised by the capital market . These get investment products, later no longer need to Jane network provides more detail technical requirements and docking, their recruitment of technical personnel can be secondary in Jane network within the framework of plug-in development.

the end of the interview, He Lijun tell hunting cloud network, she will be the next planning operation good suburb life circle, filling the 4.5 points. To let it become Jane network of independent operation. CEO Ding Jun focus is also continue to push more community coverage. Find the “three no” (eye, a team, have the ability to) the cooperation of operating personnel, for Jane if proprietary offline step in a local community, Ding Jun said as the case may be, to say now.

note: Jane founder Ding Jun, 1997-2006 at Microsoft, is a Microsoft consultant consulting director before he left. A round of investment for qiming Jane network era, hundreds of millions of dollars. B rounds of investment for ventures, millions of dollars, and two rounds of total financing of $11 million.