Strictly abide by the islamic teachings of the raised platform and $800 can become investors

cloud network hunting note: want to invest in a startup company? Network platform from Singapore investment Club Ethis bring new private investment pipeline, the platform through the crowd raised in southeast Asia, will the money they invest in Indonesia’s real estate industry, start-up companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. But investors only need $800 yuan to participate in the investment plan, become the new choice for small investment.

as J.P. Morgan (John pierpont Morgan says, has been in southeast Asia is the world’s economic development is relatively stable and high growth areas. We believe that southeast Asia will be the next wave of global investors to flee to. However, you are not the high net-worth individuals (with large amounts of cash and by investing in startups to obtain high profits of independent investors), and is not rich of venture capitalists, how is it possible to invest in southeast Asia really? But now, the Club Ethis makes it all possible.

from Singapore Club Ethis claims to private investment in the network. The company’s chief operating officer Umar Munshi says it holds on socially responsible attitude, through the crowd raised in southeast Asia, will the money they invest in Indonesia’s real estate industry, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises. Club Ethis also claims to be the world’s first islamic people raised platform, which means it will strictly abide by the islamic teachings. It does not run on alcohol, pork, gambling, hype, loans on the basis of the interests of the business, in theory, its main users for Muslim and investors from the Middle East.

“so far, our operation is very smooth, harvest quite abundant, has built a platform across 11 countries, up to 500 people on its member database. Now the Club Ethis could have been, and international funds in it because of the huge success of southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia bright eye on the real estate investment profit.” Munshi says.

small cost also can have a opportunity

is not only the rich, the investment opportunity. Interested in startup users only need $800 to participate in the lowest investment. Club Ethis could by means of analyzing the background and preferences of investors and data comparison, choose suitable investment for investors. Different traditional sponsors have no right to decide the company’s development direction, also do not need to execute the business, but they are the real shareholder, enjoy the profit sharing. Munshi didn’t mention how long investors will be able to get return, or how to distribute the profits. But he once said:

Investment opportunities provided by the

we are through strict review, not only the profit at least 15% to 20% a year, also ensure that within the grasp of a certain investment risk. So far, is much more significant than expected.

Club Ethis was founded in March 2014, according to the company for the third quarter results show that the platform through investing in start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, in half a year on average for investors to create the profits ranging from 17% to 38%. For real estate investors, Club Ethis claims that they have on average seven months of time has achieved 14% to 18% of its revenue.

Munshi says: be Club Ethis selected startups are through strict examination, the whole investigation process is very strict. At the same time, we will be the company’s business, financial and legal aspects of business announced on its web site for details.

Club Ethis for some small and medium-sized enterprises, and startup investment success. Such as: IslamicEvents sg (located in Singapore providing islamic event is introduced, The religious knowledge courses, halal food and a series of service portal), Singapore’s islamic online ticketing system, restaurant, The Green Kebab (Green food ordering website).

until now, a conservative estimate Club Ethis is through the crowd raised platform to create more than $300000 in profit (startup investment profit only). However, real estate investment is still the top priority for Indonesia.

real estate investment in Indonesia more popular

on Indonesia’s real estate investment, starting at s $10000 ($8000). Higher investment point makes the investment is slightly higher than the investment in start-ups. Munshi mentioned: real estate investment in Indonesia is the most important source of income, the company since march last year have profit of s $1.1 million m ($880000). Such as the bandung (Indonesia’s fourth-largest city, is also the capital of west Java province) around real estate, this is a web site users by the great support to complete the project. Current investment projects which are open to the public including south Jakarta (full name of the capital, Jakarta, d.c., is the largest city in Indonesia and the capital’s city hall, is expected to raise $235000 as of April, Bali villa resort, the estimated $1.9 million in October.

Club Ethis completely belong to the leading management, rely on the Singapore government has funded its technical requirements. Munshi says Club Ethis since its inception, to raise money for the first time up to s $1.5 million ($1.2 million), which angered some sponsors “institutions”, Munshi not responding to any Club Ethis now if there is profit, but he said the current Club Ethis is in development stage.

now, Club Ethis by charging, for investment companies and small and medium-sized enterprises to raise funds by twelve percent and five percent of the real estate funds to make money. Munshi says: “we will launch a new every two to four weeks of small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up, we profit is expected this year s $5 million ($3.4 million).”