Startup of beginner’s mind and Secret died

note: hunting cloud suddenly announced the closure of the Secret, reason is given the founder of the products is a departure from the beginner’s mind. This also caused a lot of reflection of the industry. (authorized by the author) to discuss a lot of entrepreneurs to the interests of the temptation, in the face of the outside world to follow suit, compromise, and against products will, eventually leading to failure products, articles of great enlightening significance to entrepreneurs, so for all entrepreneurs do reference:

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the news a Secret to be shut down, all parties.

last year China’s copycat “secret friends/no mystery/secret”, was popular at that time, yinde countless entrepreneurial teams compete to follow suit. And lots of VC, but also threw a pile of similar projects, deep fear of missing the next like Facebook social networking products.

now, friends also slowly fade out the line of sight of people, many companies are anonymous social transition gradually, but also got a lot of products, follow the whisper, yikyak walk on anonymous social road. To cold in such a big negative news that everyone began to reflect on.

when I read the Secret company’s founder and chief executive David Byttow articles published on the blog platform Medium, the heart has raised an admiration for him.

“in a thoughtful and discuss after fully with the board of directors, I decided to close the Secret. Secret, unfortunately, a departure from the beginner’s mind I startup, so I think, close it for myself, for investors and for our team, is a right decision.”

yes, David says. Probably means, the Secret is not my business want to do that thing. Reluctantly down to everyone is not necessarily a good thing, it is better off it.

we don’t know how many stories behind this, entrepreneurial team, quarrel between investors and their differences, or other human greed, selfishness, and even the interests of disputes caused David made such a let a person feel not so happy.

a was kept Secret, a lot of people stand again no sexual anonymous social significance. But you see, the essence of anonymous talk Secret meet user needs, there is no problem. Who had access to the Internet is not willing to anonymous vomit a slot, who was not bitter think or find someone who didn’t know his own security acquaintance spit out time? Unable to wikipedia, all kinds of anonymous community have very big quantity. In operations management and larger Whisper, user data is considerable, visible this thing, nature is not to.

Secret up quickly, it shows that it can meet your demand. Secret is known, is it far from can do without pressure, they expect to release her true feelings, rumors and walking into a dark place.

it has the nature of the defect product mechanism, lead to too many evil things, how can let startups adjustment and modification, the product is only a flash in the pan. A problem with the product’s value orientation, this is not David beginner’s mind. They made efforts, but the effect is not enough; Then the product changed beyond recognition, and when they want to do further.

finally close sceret, you could say that he had “new”, but I think he is really a great undertaking with her inner entrepreneurial, finally did something what you have to think about.

the entrepreneurial mind

in such a society advocating “entrepreneurship” wave of age, I don’t know how many people care about, beginner’s mind is what kind of business.

venture out to talk about financing, perhaps investors will always be asked this question. Is what to do with full enthusiasm, for can experience all the twists and turns, manage well the cause, it indeed for entrepreneurship is a very important factor. For a lot of uncertainty, early take huge learning curve to slowly build business barriers, in the hope that a huge benefits of projects, late early challenge, bear suffering, too much too much. If the special means of quick buck, guide other means of short-term, no drink thirsty, overdrawing business future.

was not wrong to do social products, let us make more friends, heterosexual contact is normal demand more; But if you’re not strong purpose, in order to attract eyeball, increase the PV in the short term, let the green tea Biao, peripheral women posing in products sell all day sun thigh, serious girl didn’t dare to come again.

zhihu success, and it closed early registration, rejected the temptation of explosive growth, patience to cultivate the community atmosphere as well as you.

have beginner’s mind philosophy of entrepreneurs, will know what their products need, not what you need; Run the content to which direction, determined to get what. Don’t bring oneself originally want to do partial to the gutter capsize.

if it is not a very person, passion and insights, ordinary good business entrepreneurs to perhaps difficult to solid study, research foundation, using 10000 hours of training, set up by others difficult to short time to accumulate knowledge, experience of barriers, to guide the implementation and operation of the project, rather than temporary blow bubbles competitors too much.

a few days ago saw a stranger in the Internet, doing a photography O2O project. Unlike other cast O2O tide of entrepreneurs, he and Co – the founders are all real photography lovers. As early as in a company, organize the photography association of the company. And on the company’s business is the social network, with the help of a company platform, they also met many photography circle expert resources. When their out venture, well done quickly needed service resources. Even with the help of a circle, the relationship between dynamic of other competitors, they all know.

this is a strong interest in accumulation, the advantage of the. Only rely on an unusually warm and deep insight, to have the confidence to survive the bamboo growth of the first “3 cm, with large roots grow, to support the back of the rapid growth.

there is no mystery after hot, many teams from secret bandwagon, is undertaking utilitarian mentality of refraction. In the end, is also a waste of time and money doing a lot of talent – perhaps a lot of useless duplicate construction team, is through this concept, successfully got the investment.

occasionally to a shareholder of the wind, a group of pigs fly to heaven, and tuyere without wings or dashed sooner or later.

the thousand regiment war, is also a good draught, but then the follower, there are also several alive?

I said David lovely respectable, because he dare to say, do Secret it has deviated from the my beginner’s mind. Although I have money can continue, but I think continue to do away from what I imagined, it is no longer what I good at, or let me excited enough to accomplish a thing. After the operation of the company, however is to start a business, entrepreneurship, in addition to the money spent, feel it is difficult to do let other exciting things, than, so end.

once many people start a business, has been on the tower, the project failed also come down. To start a business, entrepreneurs, get lost and can not find the most suitable for their own direction. The title of “serial entrepreneur”, put now estimate how many people will accept.

David even by a great number of brothers, fans and investors to scold, but still follow their heart (dare to recognize the “new”), admit defeat, but something more need courage.

I think he’s really entrepreneurs, amazing.

business logic

if it is not our country some thousands of years scorn business even despise trade speculation and then against capital idea of ideological culture, we should know, commercial society, to meet the needs of the business, can be converted into commercial value.

so, put a: what do you think the valuable thing seriously done, as long as you believe that it itself is positive and meaningful, not sorrow afford business model can’t earn money in the future. Is only as strong as Secret do negative energy, it is estimated that there are traffic is really difficult to liquidate.

last year’s “social” anonymous easily reminiscent of momentum now “O2O” more prosperous. Is now O2O, perhaps how many speculators as a lively good cheat money investment concept (you see, even we don’t all so-called “professional social O2O”… ). A few years ago you if I want to be a app or website, dedicated to provide more let a person delivered order lunch box, or the door to give you a manicure, cleaning, massage (not straight), must be people stare eyes – are really lazy to the that can spend money so much? So after burning money really can do business together?

now, drops to burn money, called the taxi business to burn a new app car business, really let me fondle admiringly haven’t played in a taxi, you look at me now, which is absolutely drops, fast, Uber, cheap with which… Take-away meals on wheels of baidu, Meituan take-away, is also a more than a coupon; Cheap everyone very happy that we are really lazy went downstairs to eat every day, light, waiting for the take-away food cooking oil box.

including community (real estate) community O2O also do popular, everyone in the study of how to kill a village store, or let the user home make a detour, buy a soy sauce melon seed potato chips after coke is take out a cellular phone to open the app… Some want a store also employs a few errands, or let the son to do less homework from the app order door-to-door delivery earn a few bucks.

in the face of these emerge in endlessly O2O, you may want to, really have the necessary?

these are from O2O, sharing economy for some boring, the concept of speculation, is more advantageous to the consumers to enjoy high quality service anytime and anywhere, improve efficiency of resource utilization of the business model for start-ups, is completely no problem.

just, these projects which burn out of the huge investment subsidies, to hard to do, it’s hard to say. We may add money for delivery, but if the car more expensive than a taxi, and in not less than the car, I still will choose to rent.

in an original and inefficient business processes, to find a breakthrough point, modify some links to improve overall operational efficiency, build a new business model, and this is the most important task. Whether can find the serious point, still have to see entrepreneurs have the “heart”.

day honeycomb, tips to the fore, because founder is a tourism enthusiasts. Wang babytree to do it, because in fatherhood time started it. Otherwise, such as wearing armani’s old, how do the bad prick silk shirts.

a friend in a low frequency O2O service. I have questioned him, are you the business from the website, from WeChat sells service flow, why get an App? App users access cost is more high, and there is unlikely to be repeat purchase rate. He honest answer: “in order to facilitate investment!” .

just speculation, if entrepreneurs want to make a rapid spike can persuade VC model, inevitably pursues “takes doctrine”, others proved feasible project difficulty, mostly it is difficult to truly understand the pain points of user, find out the flaws of the original system. Everything into 2 VC business model, get a concept into the investment, the investment buy volume, users into an investment. What is more, top pay big money to hire engineers to build perfect cheat investors false data (really!) , so as to the business is available, is able to really solve the problem, can continue later, who CARES his mother, his mind is not here. Finally can only become a ponzi scheme to VC mode, no amount of money, also can take care of the marketing channel, advertising company.

as Secret release too much evil of human nature, its explosive growth, caused a speculative mentality of entrepreneurs and VC, to make it blossom everywhere in China, became a proverb to today.

but now so many entrepreneurial projects, all kinds of O2O, estimates that many are seduced by those rich in entrepreneurial success story plot, in the encouraged by the government and the media to blow up the boom. The end what is the baby calf foolish, which are risk-takers speculation, which is the practice of the entrepreneurs, are illusory.

about insist on

entrepreneurs to talk about the investment, there are always some resentment, is that investors how to don’t understand me. I carefully studied business, seriously summed up the experience, the design of business innovation, why is worse than those of the concept of speculation copy project is easier to get money.

words those who always be kidnapped by investors, actually is also a wise man. Wave in the gold rush, itself is difficult, how to differentiate between serious entrepreneurs and speculators, the heart every belly, more difficult.

especially from their point of view, the role of with so much money, total want to bet on. Many friends said, VC’s biggest fear, not for the wrong case, the money gone. But there was a good case have no catch, while others took the writing articles listed firms after the bell boast forces himself how smart foresight, oneself can only beat how did not give termsheet or how did not give high valuations to find more entrepreneurs to drink a few back to wipe tears relate to clap breast won the case.

in fact, it is a good investor, it is hard to understand the business more than excellent entrepreneurs, because there will always be good entrepreneurs focus on time to do in-depth research. So the probability of VC carry on the project, natural won’t than senior business experts to find the probability that the business direction.

as a result, for VC, follow some proven feasible mode or method, is always relative to err on the side of things. Upset the concept of relatively novel patterns in VC, or indeed to be higher communication cost.

a few days ago to attend GGV business salon, their management partner Jenny said, if anyone behind to be especially large projects, at the time of investment necessarily are controversial. Because the key business model, must be the red sea market, it is difficult to quickly build a strong competitive advantage. Is probably unique new mode of a lot of people don’t understand, can to undermine breakthroughs in advantage.

I do Fried professional networking “meet” the bowl of cold rice, subjected to the question is more than just a little at two o ‘clock. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull