Startup experiment drone collect signal in Los Angeles

on February 24 news, according to Forbes, the federal aviation administration (FAA) in the United States announced last week the proposed commercial before unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight management regulations, there’s a company has been using drones to collect data for all the citizens of Los Angeles. The location of the Singapore marketing company AdNear use market sales of consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), mobile phones and other wireless signal strength data collected, determine the position of mobile phones and movement.


 start-up test they gather in Los Angeles mobile signal

AdNear using these data to potential customers to send very targeted advertising and promotional information, when they passed a storefront, attract them into the store. The company says, only collect the personal identity information. Began in this experiment, earlier this month in the SAN fernando valley, Los Angeles test may continue until the end of this quarter, may also be tested in Asia. But before the test, AdNear has used the method to collect data about consumer behavior on the ground, such as by bicycles, cars and trains to collect data from 530 million users in Asia.

enlarge data collection to the field of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is meaningful because drones can free access to many places, the optimal coverage for data collection. At the same time it also reduce “intervention” and “convenient” do not enter the area of the data collection process. In other words, the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to collect data can provide more accurate insight for marketers and brand, but for consumers, which means that the next time you enter the market, mobile phone will ring, and then see the ads released according to your location.

although they gather information for marketers to wireless transmission is a new concept, but for hackers is familiar with early in life, they have proved that the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) disguised as a base station and other launch listening phone and WiFi network. AdNear test seems to have no malicious, although under the current state of the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), its behavior is legal questions. If fully integrated into the national airspace management, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry is expected to bring in the next 10 years the economic benefits of more than $820. AdNear test to the industry to further regulatory issues are put forward.

according to the proposed commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) released over the weekend the FAA regulations, AdNear uav marketing activity is feasible, but obviously need to be more explicit laws and regulations, to ensure the privacy of citizens and transmission data are considered. (wood XiuLin)

source: netease science and technology