Source of capital to complete the second phase of fund raising: $150 million + 200 million yuan

source today announced the successful completion of the second phase of capital fund raising, reached $150 million, 150 million yuan of funds. In addition to the issue of funds with Wall Street stocks outside of ceos of listed companies continue to invest, seven a-share listed company CEO and second phase of international institutional investors have also become A source of capital fund investors.

source capital was established in last year, founded by former vice President of sequoia China Cao Yideng people, focus on TMT early investment. A year, a source of capital issue funds in the areas of Internet finance, O2O, B2B for more than 40 innovation enterprise invested, including interest in installment, PP car rental, a mu field and other business enterprises. Phase ii successfully raise fund, also for the new VC to speed up the rapid layout laid a solid foundation in the field of entrepreneurship.

in the venture capital industry, the source of capital has been proud of LP, especially polymerization which more than 20 Internet (quasi) ceos of listed companies and the formation of the core Internet connections, such as represented by Mr Wang, yi-ming zhang digital emerging billion dollar company CEO, BAT qihoo, such as the Internet company executives, as well as a number of prominent angel investors and partners, such as hedge funds in the entrepreneur group set up the good word of mouth. With the support of the LP, source of capital also has formed a “quick investment decisions, core network circle, multidimensional help entrepreneurs” the unique style and their own values.

since raising a fund, cao on choosing the LP’s effort. He believes that to build a healthy and have a long-term constructive LP portfolio, will be in the subsequent releases tremendous value. In the second phase in the process of fund raising, source of capital LP team appeared the Internet + genes, which in addition to the issue of fund LP additional, otherwise digital international institutional investors and seven market value in 200-60 billion a-share listed company CEO involved. It also includes indirect investment interest in installment, note-taking kunlun ten thousand d.