Solution of plane caused social empire MySpace terminally ill cancer

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cloud network hunting note: MySpace itself dominated society nowadays have appeared in the crisis, how to transition from “extensive” to “designed” becomes the key to MySpace save. MySpace online sales before President Sean Percival made a detailed analysis to its development course. When starting from the company all the way after the wind and waves, MySpace has friends and enemies throughout all the way, each other. Facebook, the Internet giant Google to learn each other.

responsible for MySpace online marketing the former vice President of Sean Percival (Sean Percival) to the company of rack one’s brains, but on the acquisition of services like touch the wall. “It won’t be good services easily sell it to us… “He said.

MySpace said they know the war will be lost to Facebook, even has the sense of smell to his message of the big stage.

in 2015, Sean Percival has become one of the partners seed accelerator 500 Startups in silicon valley companies, however, during the period of 2009 to 2011, he is still as MySpace’s vice President of marketing for the online. His job is on the crown of social web to Facebook.

in Oslo (Norway) in the capital held By Larm session (note: cloud network editor king hunting is a regularly every year since 1998 By Larm festival held at various points in Norway and conference), Percival made with an internal personnel with speech. He points out the bottleneck problem of MySpace now experience: MySpace now can be a great Italian dough is chaotic, and company news corporation acquisitions in music streaming service company trying to exist in the policy of corruption.

his speech aims to let startups learned the lesson of the decline of MySpace, this also some Internet giants, such as Facebook, they are trying to avoid boom-bust with MySpace.

early MySpace development: wrong from the start

Percival pointed out that “MySpace actually not on the actual meaning of a company, it’s really just a small part of an online marketing company, engaged in some early electric business: main sell some cheap like what medicine reducing weight, the small remote control helicopter, things like that.” He appeared to attribute the MySpace was born in 2003, the rage Friendster social network service. (note: cloud network editor king hunting Friendster is one of the world’s largest social networking site, was founded in 2002, before the famous social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, but soon lost their advantage in the United States. After)

“after they discovered the Friendster then says: ‘wow, everyone like possessed the addicted to the web site, we can try to imitate the’. MySpace, all want to do is to set up their own social network so that they to small advertisements, dump all those irritating to the users of products. This is not so tall when MySpace was founded on purpose.” Percival pointed out early that MySpace is now think that the influence of marketing by the pioneers. Percival said, they found that almost all of the sexy in Friendster spice was kicked off the Friendster the social networking site. You may remember model Tila Tequila (tyra, kira), she is now on MySpace hits ranked the first of the sexy queen, but she was also a Friendster loyal users.

Friendster because they display image is too hot and put them out of the site, but MySpace is to offer an olive branch to them, MySpace said: we don’t mind it! We are from prosperity of Los Angeles, sexy is the unlimited power of promoting our country economic development! We warmly welcome you come!” Therefore Tila Tequila they rejoiced in MySpace.

but said Percival attract band, a photographer, and guest users, such as for MySpace is very important, because a lot of other users are very interested in everything about their trouble. Because they are sexy and fashionable, we passionately follow behind, especially ordinary people like us will focus on these people’s heart itch like a tide.

this inspire Percival to create a help brands create publicity page on MySpace, and expand their network communities. Although MySpace to try this kind of service fee, but after received legal company name a statement, he would have had to terminate the business.

news corp’s blood into the

Percival joined MySpace until several years later, but at the same time he during the MySpace development has maintained a wait-and-see attitude. For $2005 in 2005, MySpace be bought by news corporation, the matter to him in 2009 as vice President of marketing online joined MySpace is still has a huge impact.

in Percival heart “news corporation is the existing organizations, like a monster alone it makes it impossible to ignore the huge share in the industry can be amazing for a long time. Tens of thousands of the company’s assets and numerous users. I remember at that time they said: ‘we don’t intend to use our organization to destroy large collapse, we’re just going to the tenet of “you are very special” have a good business, to stick to the purpose. ‘Percival that such claims are implicit in the industry a lot of the implication, but recently more and more technology acquisition, such as Facebook to buy them and WhatsApp, then proved that once the news corporation doesn’t keep his promise, will have many buyers for the follow it with a bad example.

Percival points out, “the reality is that, over time, the company related policy will be introduced, there will be a large number of lawyers, accountants, of course also includes many other new things. As to prevent a high-speed flexible sports car Benz, news corporation, they began to slow down the pace of the forward

“the existence of these people is a huge challenge for me, because when I just want to do something very fundamental, someone like mosquito buzzing in my ear to caution, ‘this can, of course, but we still make it through the normal legal process should be first. ‘” said Percival, “news corp has 40 to 50 part-time lawyer, of course not including monthly spend nearly $800000 in spending on outside counsel.”

“we are being attacked on all sides, so justice bureau recently on us, just because something they think something bad – a pedophile! These strange messages appear on the web site MySpace, despite recent MySpace attack by the parties, but we still decided to do our best to counterattack.

what was the outcome of the counter-offensive? Percival pointed out that “rather than want to stick to the intended, it becomes more like a big company. Politics, corruption and all the other terrible things is a universal problem with big companies, they will sooner or later to seep through to the system of the company.

MySpace had foreseen big approaching the

until 2009, in terms of traffic, MySpace is still can be in the first place. But Facebook but the pace of development in this aspect can be MySpace off several terminals, and according to the description Percival, he works into MySpace company was filled with negative failure working environment.

Percival said “I always remember my first time to attend the meeting when they introduced me to the whole team. Want to come I really had a lot of sad meeting, everybody just sit silently in the heart feel confused. But that is the most I have ever had the meeting let me sad and embarrassed.”

“I want to take one example, imagine that you are the one and a half work half pay basketball coach, and my admission will be more let you feel really behind The Times. Their thoughts have been the company’s bureaucracy eroded away. At that time they had foreseen this war will be lost to Facebook, even have the sense of smell to your message of the big stage.”

Percival think one of the main reason of the decline of MySpace is its extreme of the company. It put its tentacles extend the celebrities, fashion, sports, etc., even books are not spared. “I can tell you, your person feels awkward is that those who usually keen on reading in online study is not willing to discuss these on MySpace. Even John Grisham (John Grisham) released by the new book is doomed. MySpace want to expand into all areas of it, in my opinion, this is a major in their decline caused by mistakes.”

however, by contrast, Facebook did not commit such a mistake, from MySpace, Facebook got lesson: specialization’d do fine, don’t want to do extensive is wide. MySpace’s case, however, it is the latter, in fact we are doing poorly in many fields.

Percival pointed out that, along with the strengthening of internationalization and the popularity of smart phones, even in the heyday of MySpace (at that time, it can draw 100 million registered users per month), its users than Facebook users in 2014 years, 1.39 billion is just a drop in the bucket.

there is no denying that, however, MySpace on expanding international business is under some kind of kung fu, it may get online to attract customers in more countries. Percival was that “it is just will spend the money on the organization team operation, and constantly to get legal music copyright and some trifles, no practical effect.”

“I am convinced that almost every market is in a state of loss, in addition to Mexico, because Facebook thinks that it is not necessary to so fast expanding the international market, it is a water into natural drainage into things.”

MySpace now like a huge Italian dough chaotic

Percival said MySpace is also set up their own content delivery network (CDN) spend a large sum of money. And other similar web sites begin using AWS.

“MySpace very expensive year in terms of investment, I don’t even know how much the total losses, but I think it must be hundreds of millions. Fortunately, news corp is a big local tyrants have plenty of money, it can afford to live this loss. In again before use “chaotic” to describe MySpace, Percival defined this way.

MySpace now like a huge Italian dough chaos. You can use our editor on the site of the three flow chart, it’s like you see on the computer screen at the same time seven page scrolling data volume, it keeps flashing before your eyes… This makes our website in shape or form can become very flexible.

Percival, points out that on the MySpace coffin cover final nail from news corp CEO murdoch’s earnings call. He asked MySpace to create $1 billion this year.

“however at that time our annual earnings with between $50 million to $100 million. Only Mr Murdoch requires us to achieve the goal of one over ten.” Percival said, although Mr Murdoch made the instructions, but until I received the instructions, many executives had heard of this requirement. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull