Sohu video Q1 revenue grew by 57% in 2015, the support group earnings growth

sohu company today announced the first quarter of 2015 unaudited financial statements, and brand advertising revenues to realize year-on-year growth, including sohu video advertising revenue grew by 57% year on year.

“sohu group in the first quarter performance steady, total revenue of $455 million, up 25% year on year, more than the forecast before the upper limit of $15 million.” Sohu zhang, chairman and chief executive, said the sohu’s major lines of business are showing encouraging development trend. Among them, the main income rapid growth, driven by the mobile end sohu video advertising revenue grew by 57% year on year.

results show that in the first quarter, sohu group brand advertising revenues of $134 million, compared with the same period in 2014 increased by 20%, compared with the previous quarter fell by 9%. Year-on-year growth is largely due to the growth of online video advertising revenue. Fell is mainly affected by seasonal factors, in the first quarter is usually the off-season of brand advertising. Sohu video revenue was $50 million, compared with the same period in 2014 increased by 57%.

video in the first quarter, sohu video top copyrighted content continuous explosion, the new big hits, ace variety show, homemade program continues. On big hits, broadcast the “wu mei niang legend”, “why sheng’s xiao”, “splendid edge”, live flesh, the youth four lobsterman, a large number of popular dramas, such as playing in the breakthrough volume domestic big play more than 13, the percentage of measured one hundred million big play to play on the leading industry, shows in a line of copyright content coverage.

on variety shows, in the first quarter, sohu video entire network run “good songs in China” in the second quarter. Pick up gear “run brothers” in the second quarter, “dad came in the second quarter ace variety in online.

in addition, ace variety, big hits top homemade program has become the sohu video important content of the puzzle. Quarter, sohu video launched a super production “obsession”, has obtained the good effect. Next, sohu video will launch “centerless mage”, “the dream silk man 4, he is coming, please close your eyes,” when he was in a hurry 2 “, and many other homemade program.

in addition, sohu video will together with com, in sohu video best entertainment copyright content, adding more rich content productivity, create long video, PGC, UGC integrated platform, forming length video copyright, video and user generated video, video, film and television entertainment and sports news video of all the video library, in the video the first camp to overtake.

sohu video will continue to keep domestic popular television dramas in 2015 the first coverage, expected the broadcast play up to 200 units, super line on exclusive boutiques satellite precise coverage, yueyue drama the king. Sohu video implements the operation strategy of high quality differentiation, of top quality precision exclusive possession, the largest proportion in terms of content diversity for top cover. Sohu video gathering advantage resources in each platform, all strive to hit the top edge. In the field of domestic drama, variety, and so on, will give play to the resource advantage of unique platform and gradually consolidated and occupy the user preferred position in various fields.