Software: big eyes O2O real estate agent management system Let property transactions become simple happiness

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

when the Internet has gradually permeate every aspect of people’s life, the ancient industry of real estate transactions quickly ushered in the spring O2O mode. Software is a 2010 big eyes gradually forming, in October 2014, fully mature real estate intermediary management system, service for real estate intermediary company, the purpose is the comprehensive implementation of real estate intermediary company office automation, improve the efficiency of its operation.

the traditional real estate intermediary company mainly rely on the information asymmetry between tenants and landlords, get through the information flow of both sides, and tenants, house keys to a hefty commission to operate; The old real estate intermediary management system emerged in the 1990 s, already facing the old software version, stores information circulation problems in between. And a new generation of similar products in the Internet era of cloud, can use housing wider circulation and information.

“old real estate intermediary management system, as the old friend software, download process is very complex, and is using C/S model, isn’t very convenient for data import and export.” Big eyes software founder DouYanJie convective cloud network said, “but our software can crawl to the personal property data in time, from the Internet platform to distribute the intelligence to the real estate agent in stores, taking corresponding inside out, such a transformation and circulation mode, online can help intermediary company with a lot of traffic on the Internet.” It is understood that big eyes team now has 28 people (three shareholders), 18 of them do technology research and development, 10 people to do marketing promotion.

big eyes software using SAAS (software as a service, software as a service (SAAS) model, the main functions are: housing leasing business, the business of buying and selling, contract management, workload management, administrative management, attendance management, common tools (building dictionary, announcement, message management, library management, etc.); In addition to the basic software functions, but also offer features including data collection, housing push of value-added services, comprehensive report. Big eyes property belonging to chengdu million and technology co., LTD., the main business includes the custom of “four nets” for the enterprise sales management system, so big eyes software can also according to customer’s personalized needs to be modified, exclusive custom.

a sound structure of complex software system, in the case of wifi from download to install in fact as long as four minutes, and simple and easy to learn. At present, big eyes platform connecting the all data of the national more than 100 medium area, good cooperation customers have chengdu e-house, tieling 517 flourishing home real estate, real estate, tianjin luzhou sovereign, such as real estate company.

DouYanJie to hunt cloud network software now big eyes in the need of promoting stage, all free to use, will soon be put into practice and from the port function, supporting web sites, software customization on the different needs of customers value-added services. “We want work steadfast, can really make property transactions simple happiness.” DouYanJie said, “we hope that when the big eyes platform of information reaches a certain base, in view of the large data analysis to provide consulting and other services for customers of the third party.”