Soap, mobile payment financing evening news: aunt O2O platform open table and other financing

cloud network hunting on March 19 (word/WeiWen)

90 entrepreneurial aunt “soap” won second prize of millions of angels comerica vc investment, and the next step is to research and development to upgrade my aunt soap, intensify propaganda and channels. Because is clean underwear, so aunt soap standard is very high, all raw materials from natural plant, without residual harmful chemicals, and not hurting hands, skin care. Aunt soap insists: don’t give away, don’t bargain, don’t discount, do not do gifts, etc.

local business mobile payment O2O platform “table” completed A round of financing, nearly 200 million yuan figure capital investors for the day, the money has fully into account. This round of financing is mainly used in mobile payment technology platform of r&d and business development of Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other cities and continuous service. Open table of the current focus on lunch consumption, original intention is to use the mobile Internet help white-collar workers have lunch is favorable, interesting, have more topic between colleagues.

legal service platform method greatly angel round was 4 million yuan, investors for compound and ying and lawyers agencies in Shanghai. Method is a greatly for Internet banking, O2O e-commerce enterprises and individuals to provide legal services platform, online contract signing and rely on ying and institutions offline law firm lawyers to provide offline compliance audit, credit guarantee, dispute resolution and other professional legal services.

8 million yuan equity of the raised platform angel guest Pre – A round of financing, which one of the founders of tencent, investment newsletter to chairman li qing in this round of financing increased investment in angel guest. Angel positioning boutique equity the raise, focus on helping TMT field early rapid startup financing, as well as equity investors provide a screening platform project.

afternoon tea take-out O2O platform “100” downstairs completed 10 million yuan, the Pre – A round of funding, the financing by Ann Fran fund investment. Order 100 is the collection and distribution in one of the downstairs take-out platform, mainly for women and white-collar office provides convenient afternoon tea door-to-door service.

car service Shuddle $9.6 million for A round of funding, by RRE Ventures led. Shuddle is a focus on to children and old people with a taxi service company, private cars and hiring only care experience of drivers (mostly women, like a nanny, teacher), and claims on the driver status review is more strict than other competitors.

Robotics Clearpath Robotics, won $11.2 million in financing, by RRE Ventures led, iNovia Capital for refs. The new financing is mainly used to expand enterprise users. Clearpath Robotics, the main products include: Husky unmanned ground vehicles, the Grizzly suvs and Kingfisher unmanned surface vessel.

love house apartment completed tens of millions of dollars in C round of financing, capital led by morningside ficus altissima, lei jun, and suitable for the capital. It is a “no O2O stores, real estate intermediary company, doing business in Beijing, Shanghai, the main rental fees in half. Recently, the love house apartment online secondary trading business, to reduce the commission to 1% again (Beijing general is 2.7%).

diabetes data management platform Glooko won $16.5 million in a new round of financing, well-known hardware manufacturers Medtronic investors including the United States. Glooko have their own glucose meter and App, it give the doctor product promotion and clinic etc. Members of the health care system, and provided by the doctors to patients, collecting blood sugar data. And the other a hardware product Sync Meters helps users to collect blood glucose readings from different hardware products. After winning a new round of investment, Glooko plans to combine with insulin pump, blood glucose monitoring equipment developed a new method of management.

take-out errands DoorDash $35 million B round, by kleiner perkins caufield & byers collar, valued at $600 million. DoorDash has its own logistics team, to provide didn’t takeaway restaurant meals, main arrived, 45 minutes each one-way $6 distribution fees charged by the user. In the future, it may be another Instacart, the service to the grocery fresh distribution.

yeepay TA Associates pay for foreign and Hong Kong investment

the global private-equity firms announced TA Associates have completed investment in China payment service providers yeepay, specific amount is unknown. , according to a company announcement listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange financial leasing service, far east hongxin also involved in this transaction. Yeepay pay was founded in 2003, the headquarters is located in Beijing, to provide users with comprehensive online and offline payment solutions, make consumers and businesses can easily through the Internet, mobile devices and mobile phones to complete the payment.

pathfinder strategic investment 230 million yuan yi swam the world

pathfinder chairman ChengFaJiang and easy to swim all the chairman ZhenHao investment agreement signed in Beijing, pathfinder on $230 million strategic investment is easy to swim, after completion of the investment will hold easy swim a 74.56% stake in the world. Easy to swim the world travel is a location in integrated service providers of O2O, on the basis of independent research and development of the ETS system rapid integration of upstream and downstream products end retail client resources, create the safe, efficient and convenient travel products procurement distribution platform.

legend strategic investment cloud farm

the strategic investment will on cloud farm platform for agricultural supplies online mall, integration of upstream and downstream resources, become the industry’s biggest Internet agricultural capital and technology service platform to provide a strong power. Cloud farm as China’s first agricultural high-tech comprehensive Internet service providers, through long-term subsoil, depth of rural innovation, strengthen the execution, cloud farm has formed set of electricity in rural areas, rural farmers, agricultural extension services, rural finance, social logistics and other fields in the integration of agricultural comprehensive Internet and cloud services platform.

silver rich friends group wholly owned $600 million offer credit mesh

a friend borrow net announced that won a silver ELRE rich group (USA) of listed companies of strategic investment, friends net loan officially became “listed” the first Chinese in the United States a P2P network platform. Silver group purchasing a friend net loan for $600 million, and 1.2 billion in new common stock price to pay. Friends to borrow in addition to operating online peer-to-peer lending platform, the company also provides include financial consulting, investment consulting company, loan applications consulting, industrial investment, equity investment and asset management, financial services.

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