Smart bike true wind mouth of the pig, Vanhawks left $1.6 million

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last year financing more than $820000 in “Kickstarter Vanhawks success again, $1.6 million began this spring first shot. Vanhawks ambition, bicycle on a new step, turns into a smart bike Valour.

smart bike startups Vanhawks (YC business incubator project in the winter of 2015 members of the class), has won $1.6 million in financing, they come from Real Ventures, Olympic triathlon gold medal winner Simon whitfield angel investors, etc. Said, in this spring, the company will use the money to the first batch of customers the careful research and development of Valour intelligent bike (data have shown that this product last year on Kickstarter funding more than us $820000). The relevant person in charge of at the same time the company also said that the money will help them overcome (from conceptual design to be fully integrated) some difficulties in the process of product was born, and made the company’s future development plans, including a software based on entity bicycle industry “leader”.

Vanhawks company co-founder of ali zardari sid explained in an interview, the financing is not surprising results, the company need more money to delivery, and accurate speak than not long ago the financing amount on Kickstarter, because they are the first entrepreneurial novice, do not know what will happen in the practical production and manufacturing. Although they missed the end of last year set to Kickstarter sponsors the first batch of Valour initial plan of bicycle, Mr. Sid said staff was pleased with the current situation, and expected to delivery 25 to 30 smart bike this spring, as to solve the backlog of work this summer, and then take 2 to 3 weeks to deliver new orders. Again, for the money that the company’s long-term development strategy with powerful wings and let people understand that it is not only a production intelligent bike.

Mr. Sid clearly put forward that “our aspirations and bike beyond the production of intelligence, but rather to become a bicycle industry leading software in the future. Everyone says, the software is “into” all walks of life, and we can see it in the bicycle industry have the great potential of (still hasn’t been banished).”

Mr. Sid also think it is time to let someone to Vanhawks) on the (such as the ideal burdened, led the entire bicycle industry to create brilliant in the coming years. He said that now the bicycle is strong in Europe and elsewhere in the world (become popular transport), personal hope can catch up with the trend of North America. In fact, the city residents of North America (exactly is an office worker) increasing the number of cycling, especially in 1990 to 2011, so at least in the heart of the city will gradually expanding Vanhawks target user groups.

and Valour will show perfectly Vanhawks software attainments on the bike. Built-in route planning function, the blind spot detection system, the speed tracking technology, traffic reports and two-dimensional map (cover the distance and height), according to all provide convenient service for bike commuters, like Google bought by a 2013 Waze (a community based traffic information and navigation service software). At the same time, the software also has the function of anti-theft tracking, thanks in large part to reduce those in their car, bicycle, of course) spend a lot of money, time and energy on the concerns of the people.

I like to ride a bicycle, in part because it seized all personal attention, and I don’t need to focus on some of the data, and then see a lot of business opportunities. It is this way of intelligent data collection for the traditional bicycle inject new blood, to usher in another spring, and the heart of the general office. In conclusion, The Valour is really cool, but in The long run, as most tech startups, financing amount may be more attractive.

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