Small fresh food: focus on pet enthusiast, dogs have take-out at last!

(text/jing-jing fan)

fresh food hunting cloud network has focused on “small” is an online booking distribution of pet food fresh platform on a regular basis, for pet enthusiasts booking after the fresh food production, distribution regularly, officially launched on January 4, 2015.

small kok cheng wai founder of fresh food, is a senior pet lovers, with more than 20 years of experience in keeping pets, college had a part-time business pet stores, and most of his team members are all pet enthusiasts. Be worth what carry is, kok cheng wai had a pet before security services platform “see net” (has been handed over to another partner is responsible for the care), launched a “see card” (pet lost the card, health feeders and watering device such as a series of pet products, and set up based on pet vertical community, which is “small” fresh food quickly into the pet market has laid a solid foundation. Based on “see” the period of accumulation of user resources, “little fresh bread” was launched pet owners.

the fresh food is equipped with professional production team, through the centralized purchasing, the nutrition proportion, high-temperature cooking, cooling treatment, vacuum packaging and high pressure disinfection seven steps to complete the whole production process. In shipping small fresh food by the third party logistics, delivery cycle is 15 days, distribution coverage in major cities throughout the country. Kok cheng wai said in an interview with cloud network hunting, later will consider city distribution, more convenient and save time.

due to the nature of fresh food is not easy to save, small fresh food team made the “production not retail, only accept booking of rules, and only” package, monthly purchase (guest unit price is 150 yuan/15 days). Kok cheng wai told hunting cloud network: “traditional dog food for inventory production, experience agents, wholesalers, stores, and many other of the intermediate links, not only to keep fresh, but also need a variety of additives, small fresh food each link has already been hygiene standards certification.” small fresh food team want to do, is really can reassure the dog eat, completely without additives of fresh food, so the system of production must be reserved, to ensure that the factory will not be too long to eat intervals.

at the end of 2014 small fresh food founder won the entrepreneurship workshops MaiGang led 3 million angels. kok cheng wai told hunting cloud network, the money will be used for brand building, to enhance production quality, and build the central kitchen and experience store in guangzhou. , he said, to establish the central kitchen and experience shop is to increase the user experience of offline and interaction, and considering the then will face the challenges of supply chain management.

when it comes to more long-term planning, kok cheng wai said the future will be a pet service O2O platform (in planning). “See net” dedicated pet supplies, “a little fresh food main pet food,” kok cheng wai say they hope to layout the whole field of pet. In an interview, kok cheng wai to emphasise their hopes to use VC entrepreneurial thinking in the pet industry, “why can’t use VC can cast multiple projects, entrepreneurs VC thinking to do product, the company? And I do is a different nodes in the industry, these points can be together, also can realize resource sharing in the future.”

small fresh food currently only do dogs reservation and fresh food sales, the late would join other category. The author thinks that the little fresh food or the feasibility of this kind of light asset operation mode and market bigger, of course the premise is to control the user operation and link, guarantee the quality safety of fresh food.