Six dimensions: online, offline entertainment technology, entertainment and airlines B2C platform

March 28 article/Zhang Nanqian

six dimensions is chengdu yulin east aviation technology co., LTD., a subsidiary of a B2C website, main products for the aviation simulation system, aviation equipment and aviation technology outsourcing and so on. Mention this name come from six dimensions, the major persons-in-charge of the eastern margin aviation Chen Zhan to hunt cloud network explains, “is like saying that people love to play racing games and playing the plane’s feeling is different, the car felt around before and after only four dimensions, and on the flight experience perception, it is the emphasis on the sixth dimension of People’s Daily contact less and outstanding, also can gradually change people’s thinking and cognitive inertia to things – such as walking upside down, reverse thinking; Let science and technology change life, not only change the life of the external medium, should also change people’s life thinking and attitude towards life.” Chen Zhan before joining east margin, there have been many years in domestic and overseas enterprise market operation and team management experience, the current yulin east airlines project director of operations.

with the lower airspace (refers to a kilometer below) in our country gradually opening, the airspace private general aircraft will swell up and the market demand, professional pilot and training to form a industrial chain. Six dimensions was established in 2015 in late February, belonging to chengdu east margin aviation technology co., LTD., the east margin of the parent company is the chengdu west mike virtual reality electronic technology co., LTD., which was founded in 2005, mainly for military industry, state-owned enterprises, colleges and universities, the production of flight training equipment, aviation system test verification platform, etc.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

do online sales was a homely talked about the company is a big innovation of xinjiang, it is the professional advantages of flight imaging system. Compared to xinjiang, six dimensions promote Yang Shan operations director think your company business model is fun – the biggest characteristic of online and offline activities. Yang Shanzai management before six dimensions, have 6 years experience in Internet marketing and 3 years experience in self-built B2C mall operation. “In fact is to experience, our products can know charm.” Yang Shan to hunt cloud network, said that “in the aviation online sales, we are the first truly independent B2C website, at the same time because of west mike free products, are planning experience centre, this we are the first in the industry to do so.”

Yang Shan with six dimensions of B2C sales platform, have is planning the construction of the global center experience hall: a square meters of area, entertainment in science and technology as the theme, aims to show potential customers unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and material product features, to provide some simple space flying training and experience; And the Chinese children’s summer camp activities: the target audience is interested in the model aircraft and flight of teenagers, summer camp will bring them some simple flight experience and driving training. Currently responsible for east yu company offline training business and experience center project is Wang Xi, she has independent large-scale activities planning company, a single income exceeds 3 million. “SIMMAKE parent company products are mainly for the enterprise market, sales channel is relatively single, and we’re committed to combine technology and entertainment, let acme specialized aviation class hardware and software is more flexible deeper into popular areas.” Wang Xi said.

in addition, about six dimensions for the construction of online mall, the team plans to three parts. Of the electricity to create online products, gathered several vertical electricity sales channels to form ring; Then develop the corresponding community in the buyers, to keep the business and technical communication link; Later, deep in the community resources, will develop the east margin of the company’s comprehensive customer service. According to cloud network understanding, hunting east yu company is currently planning the angel round.