Singapore 10 “not bad money” Internet start-ups

cloud network hunting note: Singapore, Asia the first choice for start-ups, financing environment is superior, make enterprise vigorous development. In view of this, must be in Singapore on ring of financing wars; So which companies can display their strengths in the war? Let cloud network editor hunting jun 10 cash-rich companies take a look at Singapore!!!!

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no matter you ask any company founder of Asia which country they choose as their ideal financing, there is no doubt that Singapore is their first selected. Climb up to the first throne in Singapore there are good reasons why natural, so you don’t have to feel surprised. Speaking of start-ups in Singapore, we have to admire people’s government, the government of Singapore is the world’s most active advocates entrepreneurial government, the somebody else give start-up support and leverage; In addition, Singapore has a lot of venture capital firms and private investors (Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin is also a part of it), most of these investors regard Singapore as a home.

since there is so much money into the local science and technology, so exactly what technology would be the winner of the Singapore finance war? Don’t try so hard, the cloud network editor you hunting for you made up the Singapore ten big Internet companies with lots of money.

but must be clear, the number of digital information from the public only know money, does not include the number of funds that had not been published.

TOP 1 : e-commerce company Lazada – $686 million

is popular e-commerce retailer Lazada Rocket Internet team to assist the many Internet startup companies one of the most successful companies in the market and Lazada is the only one among them $1.25 billion valuation of the company. Lazada recently changed its business model, turned to the third party business market, this makes the Lazada GMV year-on-year in the second half of 2014 the first half of the year doubled, let its full-year 2014 GMV reached about $274.2 million.

Top 2: fashion beauty makeup electricity Zalora – $238 million


Zalora also by Rocket Internet to assist in the above mentioned list and hugely successful company. Zalora operation is not very good recently, according to the part of the leaked documents analysis, the company’s negative earnings of $91 million in 2012, companies want to be able to turn into profit by 2015. This expectation can become a reality? Let’s wait and see. But anyway, so far Zalora has obtained has a large number of investors.

Zalora’s parent company went public in 2014, the company is the latest plan and Rocket Internet, another four popular fashion brand companies to merge, so that can become a global fashion team. Rocket Intetrnet initial public offerings (ipos) has received a $8.2 billion, which means that soon there will be more and more capital inflows Zalora.

Top 3 : private cars by renting service startup iCarClub – $70.5 million

given Singapore’s owner in his car mostly spent a lot of money, peer-to-peer car rental this idea also arises at the historic moment. But it is not easy to put the idea into reality, such as iCarsclub do propaganda to the lease service in 2014, is a problem, the company is in trouble. If it weren’t for the company was introduced into the correct development direction and the next is long overdue for a competition for a lot of money, it will not ride out the trouble. Currently, iCarsClub and PPzhuche (October 2013 iCarsClub landed in Beijing and the name PP car rental) : a total of 120000 can lease private taxi.

Top 4 : real estate portal PropertyGuru – $53 million

in southeast Asia, the classification of online real estate advertising industry is a very competitive industry. PropertyGuru honor. Recently, 99. The co to join the real estate market in Singapore, became the latest PropertyGuru rivals. According to before some relevant data show that people in total real estate web site, is 87% of the time on browsing PropertyGuru real estate information. The company in the Alexa and market intelligence firm SimilarWeb also ahead of other large companies in the same industry, such as the classification of Malaysia’s largest real estate website another real estate website STProperty iProperty and Singapore.

the company’s chief executive Steve Melhuish said, in a few years ago PropertyGuru is going to public, but has been nothing happened after that. May be able to witness the company listed in 2015, to witness the company become Singapore’s another story.

Top 5 : luxury brands electricity Reebonz – $40 million

when it comes to Singapore local e-commerce store, in addition to the above mentioned by the Rocket Internet company help the two retailers, electronic commerce is the most famous should Reebonz. It’s different from other e-commerce store is that it focuses only on luxury brands. Reebonz online in March 2014, acquired Singapore luxury stores Clout Shoppe, expand the scale of its own.

in August 2014, the authorities estimate Reebonz will be listed with Razer game peripheral equipment production company, reported that the electricity business start-ups are trying to find investors. This news since then, however, no follow-up.

Top 6 : social media company Bubbly – $39 million

for Bubbly company, maybe it is want to forget the first half of 2014. During that time, social media start-ups Bubbly received a variety of purchase requests; And, the company’s management team, the dissolution of the company also agreed to the company restructuring; All these measures make the company.

the company’s chief executive Thomas Clayton began to assets liquidation of the company, a few weeks later, Bubbly company was Altruist Group, the Group provide telecommunication services in Europe, Africa and Asia, but terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Top 7 : Internet service providers (isps) MyRepublic – $37.5 million

MyRepublic is perhaps the most ambitious company in the ten companies: it wants to be Singapore’s fourth largest telecoms company. It does not meet just a large local company, so the company recently for New Zealand provide three months free of 100 million m bit/SEC of speeding fiber-optic broadband.

we also learned that the telecom start-up within a month, attracted about 2000 new users; Not just in the future, it will earn three times in 2014, to $15 million. In 2015, MyRepublic will break into the Asian other countries.

Top 8 : mobile social networking platform Migme – $34.6 million

in the past 2014 years, the development of social entertainment platform Migme is worth mentioning. Since August last year, it has completed several important acquisitions, such as couples private application LoveByte that dispenses acquisitions and start-up companies on a penny auction Sold. The sg acquisition; In addition, also had some important investment. In December, with more than 9 million Migme MAU.