Sina weibo after IPO of quarterly earnings for the first time

weibo today issued in 2014 in the fourth quarter and full year results. As of the end of the fourth quarter of 2014, weibo monthly active users reached 176 million, net increase of 47 million year, is the highest since the launch. At the same time, weibo in the fourth quarter of the total revenue of $105 million, and implemented a $9.4 million net profit, after achieve quarterly earnings for the first time.

according to weibo, provided by the IPO listing documents show weibo at the end of 2011 to 2013 active users, respectively 72.9 million, 96.7 million, 129.1 million, has just released results show that active weibo month reached 176 million, rose to 47 million, up 36% from a year earlier, this also created the microblogging since its launch the absolute value of record. In addition, the weibo users closer integration with the mobile Internet, month up to 80% from the mobile of active users.

weibo active users of explosive growth, first of all thanks to the listed products after direction more clear, more focused on social open information, communications with strong relationship between social products formed obvious. In the production of public content, weibo increased for vertical domain experts, opinion leaders, the media, local content support.

weibo the pattern of market dominance is also becoming more clear. In July 2014, tencent’s strategy to abandon tencent microblog business, in the same year on November netease weibo also officially closed. Competitor’s exit to bring more market space, sina weibo sina weibo with competitors on the market and channel differentiation advantage gradually formed. Gao-fei wang pointed out that the current weibo penetration in the third line market less than a third of the first-tier cities, and only about half of second-tier cities permeability, weibo will continue to increase in 2015 in a line outside the city market, to speed up the let the users to use sina weibo.

listed after the first quarterly earnings

thanks to the steady growth of active users, weibo also welcomed on commercialization. In the fourth quarter of 2014, weibo total revenue reached $105 million, and implemented a $9.4 million net profit, after first quarterly profit.

with the coming of the era of mobile Internet, customers began to switch to mobile ads and social advertising budget, especially the information flow. Weibo after listing, further strengthen the mobile strategy, a large number of customers to contact and to advertise on weibo, recognition of mobile social advertisement promotion. In 2014, driven by the weibo mobile advertising revenue growth, the contribution ratio rose from 31% in the first quarter to 54% in the fourth quarter, compared with the same period last year 28% increased nearly doubled.

weibo commercial outbreak of another big attraction, and is the microblog advertising effect of ascension, for small and medium-sized advertisers and self-help to form the effective stimulation, advertisers make far more than the growth of the two parts advertisers brand advertisers. According to the fourth quarter, weibo, the number of small and medium-sized advertisers has exceeded 14000, rose 35%. Use weibo self-service advertising system 4 quarter of more than 300000 active users, rose by 94%.

gao-fei wang said: “the self-service advertising, small and medium-sized advertising, brand advertising is expected to achieve chain effect, in the future, we believe that more and more advertisers will first through the use of self-service advertising contact social primary, and then grow into weibo long-term customers and use more marketing products.”

from the point of view of advertising forms, in view of the small and medium-sized advertisers and personal self-help user demand, weibo launched via fans and fans made headlines two traffic AD products, these two more similar to the search engine advertising advertising products. Than PC Internet age, search engine, network alliance’s dominance of the effect of advertising market, in the era of mobile Internet is social network information flow channel such as advertising, download the APP store distribution.

multimedia areas should be increased, keep the social public information platform leader

gao-fei wang stressed that weibo’s goal is to build an open social information network platform, at the same time, to help enterprises in business based on microblogging platform of ecological service system. Therefore, weibo has the product focus to the multimedia field.

since the second quarter of last year, weibo began to increase in the production of vertical information input, especially on pictures, video, primary content production increased with the experience of product optimization, also introduced by way of investment and independent video and pictures to the client. At present, weibo has become China’s largest multimedia information transmission platform. This year, in the face of the rapid development of 4 g market will continue to increase in mobile native products, images and video function and more pictures and video of APP and investment cooperation, to create a more perfect ecological open platform.

in terms of commercialization, weibo will continue to launch a service marketing solutions for different industry, and in the mobile and digital two sides continue to optimize ads, help customers more convenient to use weibo advertising products.