Shells electronic exposition: the apples watch no problem, and we solve the pain points

cloud network hunting note: although the early Apple has revealed that the plot too much, but as the industry expected, Apple Watch release is still causing heated debate. As the earliest release smart watches manufacturer, nut shell electronic CEO exposition of some words, have to your chest.

the author exposition of fruit shell electron CEO, authorized hunting cloud network published

to say, I am better than most people expect Apple Watch release, because many things to wait for Apple said, people will say, yes, is that ah, vomit a first groove, went on to say that.

to introduce Apple Watch, the cook, said from the start as a Watch, it’s very accurate timing. Back on June 17, 2013, our shells electronic launched the world’s first piece of smart watches, mention its precise timing to nanoseconds, many people first reaction is to – pull, electronic devices need to say so?

need, because this is a piece of table, rather than anything else, is the time table is about to see. So the cook about the next Apple Watch dial – can be replaced, the content on the dial can be customized. Yes, this is a strong demand, we have a lot of user research data to prove it.

poking fun at a: Apple Apple Watch square screen design of circular dial ugly to explode!

when we do the first generation of smart Watch shells electronic – GEAK Watch, we found it. So in the second generation, what we do is round table, screen, we can design a more classic or fantasy dial to… Of course the price is very big, behind the development of a complete circular screen cost is huge, but we found: table should be round screen!

Apple to Apple with size, material, strap Watch collocation gives a lot of style, this is the right way, the traditional Watch industry is doing just that, users also choose Watch so choose.

now most of our industry practitioners are aware that many attributes of the device smart wear to inherit from it to replace the products, such as watches, aesthetic tradition and experience is firm and persistent, so smart watches also must obey. so we shells electronic is simply, with 24 mm standard strap shaft, with genuine leather strap + metal strap, the user can freely according to his be fond of change.

poking fun at 2: silver or deep gray anodic alumina. In fact or aluminum…

Apple introduced Apple Watch aluminum shell, we are familiar with the sentence, into Chinese is: Apple aluminum not ordinary Watch, it is silver or deep gray anodic alumina. In fact or aluminum… But many people eat this set, ha ha.

said to the conference to introduce the Apple Watch application, little surprise. Of course, not because the application is not good, very good, in fact many applications mainly because too much plot, and the content of the basic didn’t emerge in September last year. But anyway, we are very envious of Apple in application development ecosystem deep accumulation, so strong, at the Apple on the Watch, immediate.

you are obviously aware, smart watches seem can do all the things, but the most silly of practice is to make it to do all things. So apple to pay attention to the strong demand for information push and management, sports, health, and the use and the characteristics of human body binding to pay, personal information management, etc.

poking fun at 3: completely ignored user privacy make force function.

Apple Watch a function, we don’t agree with the Watch outside, put the call…… shells electronic we achieved in the first generation of smart watch this functionality, but after collecting a large number of customers, in the second generation of intelligent round table shells we gave up . Why no complicated: it’s so stupid, not since most people after the show played a few times… This is not much said, the market reaction.

speak four: what time is it now? I’m sorry, I’m apple table there’s no electricity!

finally. cook said Apple Watch has 18 hours of normal use. Ok, nut shell smart round table is seven days!

we found in research and development research, forgot to recharge my if one day, the watch was the strike, the user will not tolerate, even more function. Mobile phones can be capricious, filling a day doesn’t mean the watch.

the nut up and down the big screen in the electronics, power saving is the great characteristic. fruit shell smart round table is a combination of electronic ink screen and the characteristics of the high-definition LCD screen, which is used to display content properly, the former let shells intelligent round table at any time clear and stable display the time, we think, as a watch, it is the request of at least .

Watch release, Apple will provoke enthusiasm of the market, also can let other products already in the hard work, the Yu Guo shell electronic and intelligent watches and intelligent wearable market is a good thing. Apple Watch on sales are bound to succeed, because it is Apple, it doesn’t matter how pricing. But in the smart watch industry, the starting point of Chinese brands is not low, does not need to be little!

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