Several women with “LIVEL global marriages”, overseas wedding trip could be the next vane?

(text/Qiao Zefang)

“we are not a traditional wedding company.” LIVEL global wedding trip co-founder Song Shan said it was her often to people who come to the new interpretation of a word. The truth is that, from the 09 with overseas wedding trip the idea, to the establishment of the brand “eternal happiness” to the new appearance of the concept of “LIVEL” this year, their entire team in based on the Internet at the same time also constantly explore more suitable development route.


“life and travel, love and responsibility, freedom and romance, you opened the LIVEL website, cover page of this a few words to jump in front of you, and LIVEL this brand name, has also changed. LIVEL Song Shan said the word from their original, inspiration is LIVE and TRIVEL fit these two words, they imagined the wedding should not be bound, in addition to ensure that the original “eternal happiness” full of sweet honey, they are more hope to become the vane of fashion wedding wedding abroad, now young people appreciated in conformity with the pursuit of freedom of romantic, the spirit of life in a free travel. So “global wedding theme travel”, LIVEL so far have introduced 18 fine lines, have you want romance, also have the freedom you desire.

talk about good online, offline landing

the Internet through overseas marriage, from Song Shan their hands when one area is very fresh. Different from traditional store type wedding, the studio, LIVEL only online this platform. And wedding arrangement, photography is very complex, and finely something, involving the auditorium selection, site layout, flower category, choice of wine drinks and so on the details, the whole process does not allow an error. These things LIVEL choice to complete online. Song Shan tell hunting cloud network, they are 24 hours online customer service, staff of three shifts will ensure that all communication process smoothly and correct, to the couple good service experience, make word-of-mouth referrals and word of mouth.

but at the same time, as Song Shan said their companies have a “split” status quo . Online communication can reduce the time and speed up the process to understand the needs of the new, but the real start of service experience are offline, is really don’t bother, only to enjoy my wedding and honeymoon tour. So, the LIVEL team also stationed abroad the local makeup artist, photographer, online booking in advance, can guarantee the schedule does not conflict with each other. and each quarter, hangzhou headquarters are send people to the site inspection. The plane landed, there will be someone pick up then good schedule and details before online discussions, will also have the local cuisine beauty recommended, to ensure the perfect of the whole trip. Recently, just 21 online, last month said Song Shan after service will be more simple and quick.

of course, when it comes to go abroad, visa to this problem is inevitable. LIVEL provide visa, booking tickets and related issues. Information can scan can also express, can choose, convenient new electronic sign is also very convenient, basic can be done online . The team also has its own partners and suppliers, will experience as much as possible to ensure a good couple.

about future

from team building, so far, the Song Shan said they had held wedding to nearly two hundred couples. From the parents arranged the wedding to the freedom of young people choose to travel, she witnessed in recent years, the industry shift , it not only for her achievements others happy pride also represents the participation and growth. Road, about the future of the LIVEL Song Shan exclamation, with the rapid development of the Internet bring their team 12 people from three or four people to the present, will develop faster. Team, LIVEL global wedding trip CEO et al your study in university of Queensland, Australia, worked at the Australian consulate general in Shanghai commercial counsellor’s office of zhejiang office, worked as a teacher at a university, too. LIVEL global wedding trip co-founder Song Le is a bright young media, he worked for the foreign media, also worked as a university teacher, love.

“office may want to change again big,” Song Shan smile said. Now LIVEL of customer base is concentrated in the north connect, she also wants to 3-5 years, can make your own style in hangzhou region, develop the market here, if one day you mentioned, think of is LIVEL.

about financing, LIVEL angel round is still ongoing.