Saying: “a man” valentine’s day how, group-buying girlfriend home

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TV series “rent a girlfriend home New Year’s day” was popular with all ages, which aroused the fierce attacks from the “man”. In the most grand festival in China, Spring Festival is a great festival family reunion, visiting relatives and friends, and in this moment, in the home elders want most is to see their junior partner belongs, can let them struggle outside no longer lonely.

“saying” the software is a virtual lover as the theme of anonymous social software. Virtual love also is domestic first paragraph “reality”. Simply put, is that men and women both parties to role-play in the app, lovers become secondary yuan , then each other like lovers chat and communication, care about each other, let each other can experience the warmth of love and sweet. For the Spring Festival period, the special valentine’s day on February 14, mumbling, made a “girlfriend” team buying activity – “9.9 yuan girlfriend home”.

mumbling girlfriend are passionate in life of girl, provide services including accompany boyfriend chat, play the role of a girlfriend, let the men feel care and full of love. For example, the early morning, just before bed, good night, every day to her boyfriend to send warm greetings, have a good day mood; Listen to their complaints, job worries; Calm boy in encountered in the work and study not happy, dissolve the boys all sorts of trouble; Positive energy encouraging: when boys stress or anxiety irritability to encourage you, increase the confidence to face the challenges such as the boys.

tell hunting cloud network team, mumbling platforms now girls are part-time, at the same time in order to ensure the authenticity, users need to upload photos and 15 seconds preliminaries for certification. Moment, the two sides in the virtual lovers must follow some rules: can’t get into reality, can’t talk about pornography language, does not support video, can’t ask for contact information, and reporting and scoring mechanism. Help “murmur of virtual girlfriend atmosphere” not stale.

about the inspiration for the product, the team said a large portion of the film is inspired by the Oscar for best screenplay inspired its ehrs, tells the hero Theodore at the time of the most frustrated and lonely life, fell in love with his computer and cell phone OS1 intelligent operating system. This virtual system embodiment a smart woman with self learning ability, named samantha. Manor aware of contemporary stressful society, people’s loneliness, is a big social problem. A huge number, the number of single men demand is urgent, need a girl of gentle patience to all life with their through difficulties. Manor convective cloud network said: “although it is very vertical social fields, in the future imagine space is also very big, social there are limitless possibilities.”

register after mumbling, users need to choose the gender, first enter the home page, looking for his girlfriend in two steps. First choose the type of girlfriend (including spare bullshit and make happy, good sound, etc.), the second choice chat of time, ranging from 1 hour to 1 week, each boy to have the experience of 30 minutes of time, the boy order, rob single girls. After the experience, if satisfied with the service of the other woman, want to continue to chat, you need to pay show sincerity.

currently saying only a virtual girlfriend, only to meet the requirements of otaku. In the future, will gradually virtual boyfriend business, meet the needs of the broad masses of women. “saying” is the hobbit team developed a social app. Hobbit team at present a total of 7 people, most of them are after 90. “The hobbit” in the name taken from the Lord of the rings “the hobbit”, as 90 after the founding team, facing so many difficulties, just like the beginning of the hobbit dwarfs. But in order to achieve this vision, “difficult to let love no longer” in order to dream, mumbling team will keep striving. Has earned millions of angel investment, is also considering the next step.

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