Routing to join U + industry alliance, haier smart home added force

a routing in March 2013 officially launched the world’s first intelligent routing, the first router on the corner of the device, into the intelligent home network center, using the powerful cloud platform, smart phones, client and HiWiFi OS intelligent routing operating system, will be the future of the smart home is presented in the eyes of the world. Intelligent household in 2014 formally open, onto the fast track of development at a high speed.

as the world’s largest home appliance manufacturers, haier for smart home has been full of confidence. In March 2014, haier has officially launched the U + industry alliance, the platform covers chips, modules, electronic control, vendors, developers, investors, e-commerce, cloud services platform and cross-platform cooperation in many aspects, such as third-party product access after U + industry alliance, can realize interconnectivity across different brands, categories, all share data and resources.

very routing on February 5, 2015 formally joined the U + industry alliance. In the router from the center of the home network, routing will undoubtedly play a greater role. Using the U + software development kit, a routing can be very convenient to existing U + platform of intelligent equipment integrated into routing HiWiFi OS, use routing App to manipulate all intelligent household equipment.

haier smart appliances general manager li li said: “U + industry alliance requires network module, the cloud service platform and end user interaction module, the pieces are short of one cannot.” Meizu phone on user interaction and intelligent control terminal function, while a routing can take advantage of their own cloud platform and network equipment, play a role in Internet and security. As the pioneer of intelligent router, a routing in the network and cloud platform aspects of agriculture, must have become the important force to be reckoned with in the U + industry alliance.

a routing HiWiFi OS in the underlying system is the establishment of a complete intelligent home management control scheme, combined with a satellite routing HiCloud cloud platform, hardware and extremely extremely routing will be able to remote management and intelligent control of all the U + alliance hardware. Already existing products including smart refrigerator, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent wine ark, smart, intelligent water heater air purifier, air box, smart, intelligent bulb socket and so on.

in view of the cooperation, extremely routing during the same period issued the new routing App 5.0, in this update, intelligent household management and control is the biggest bright spot. All the intelligent hardware access, directly display on the front page of the App, click on the icon, can easily control functionality. In addition a routing App 5.0 integrating control signal intensity in for the first time, the user can according to their own environment, adjust the routing signal strength, for all intelligent household products provide the most powerful network security.

a routing, co-founder of butyl clothes said: join U + industry alliance, make a routing truly become one of the core equipment of the smart home, let the user very convenient control all U + mobile phone industry alliance of intelligent household hardware products. Routing cloud platform management, intelligent terminal control and perfect HiWiFi OS, for all intelligent household appliance provides a perfect solution, fast and smooth at the same time, the guarantee network also provide convenient access to all intelligent household management. U + industry alliance is very open alliance, intelligent household need alliance members work together in the future, common development, to present a better future, for ordinary users to provide better overall solution.

is a smart home industry can be enough room for all the household electrical appliances manufacturers of the industry, in the industry, only open, also only open to common development and progress, is never depend on a combination of two companies can solve. Only like haier, routing, together with the general intelligent household industry, such as the meizu, work together, in an open in the league, for customer service, solve the customer pain points, our life will become more beautiful.

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