Robin li, baidu’s no cars will be introduced in the course of the year

on March 22, hunting cloud network news

IT leaders summit in 2015 in shenzhen opened today, baidu CEO robin li in an interview with sina science and technology, according to baidu no cars will be introduced in the course of the year. This is baidu baidu first official disclosure of unmanned vehicle release time.

in July 2014, baidu confirm has been launched unmanned vehicle development plan. It is reported that no car have radar, cameras, global satellite navigation and other electronic facilities, and install synchronous sensor. As long as input the destination to the navigation system, car can run automatically, to the destination. In the process of driving, the car will upload traffic information by sensing equipment, on the basis of a large amount of data in real time positioning analysis, to determine driving direction and speed.

robin li said baidu is car manufacturers cooperation, with a third party not to do your own hardware, for which several automobile manufacturers and cooperation, he did not disclose.

so far, Google has to show its research and development of driverless cars, the car cab is not traditional brake pedal, the accelerator and the steering wheel, but baidu research and development of driverless cars will hold the steering wheel and pedals. In addition, baidu has confirmed that will identify such as vision, hearing technology application in the research and development of unmanned vehicle systems, is responsible for the project is baidu deep learning institute (IDL).