Road book through “map + attractions” information system, let everybody can highly creative travel plans

(word/Li Xitong)

“travel need imagination”. Opened the home page of road book planet, it is printing to see the first sentence. Rely on the imagination of people don’t want to parrot, tour, people look forward to belong to own trip and could not be copied. The road book planet is such a flexible character of travel plan creation and travel information system platform, advocating trips from the Angle of lifestyle.

founder Cheng Xiaoyu, she founded road book ideas originated in the process of making a encounter many problems. She found that planning is not an easy thing, most people choose when making travel plans is the Word, Excel, general-purpose tools such as the company. Long time cost of access to information, difficult, at the same time there are a lot of information is invalid and repeat. She wants to travel through the creation technology makes plans to become a happy and easy thing.

specially designed through independent travel information system, the way the book is equivalent to a free combination information Lonely Planet, giving users initiative to flexibly adjust stroke. By means of which the user can integrate fragmented information, create personalized travel routes. The initial target user group of “travel” the player is the pursuit of life experience.

another way, you can also book planet likened to the road map of a built-in Microsoft Word. The user can book the road planet card collection and creative inspiration. If travel is inspired by the movie, the route planning based on the scene in the movie. For example in breakfast at tiffany’s “fifth avenue,” spirited away “jiufen town scenes of Taiwan, or the train tracks of harry potter, British NYMR train.

each inspiration comes with GPS information on the card, the system will automatically synchronize inspiration all the information on the card. Users based on the mapping information, according to the personal interest and flexible schedule, will give top priority to life and travel inspiration, while air tickets hotel plan in behind.

the existing tourism products system is the core product itself, the enterprise is more of a focus on how to play their own advantages fully to the product. It also leads to the user demand, lack of user experience on the aspects of attention. Road design idea of the book is advocating lifestyle combined with travel, by helping users from daily life inspiration, from perceptual to rational, by perceptual and rational return again realize the personalized needs of life.

Cheng Xiaoyu said, make travel planning tools on the technical level is a big challenge, and the cycle is quite long. In such conditions how to determine their own direction is right, how to let others agree with the company culture, to attract excellent talents are the biggest difficulties she met on the entrepreneurial path. In the future, the road will be gradually perfect the information collection, map synchronization, integrated procurement decision-making problem.

road book planet was established in November 2014, currently has 15 people team. Site and the IOS version is still in perfect, and invited more than 100 tourism talent of closed to help it to improve. Now can apply for to become a BETA version via web BETA, exclusive IOS applications, the official version is expected to be launched in August.