Ride a company: targeting cyclist, do cycling resource aggregation platform

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cycling is a healthy, natural way of sports tourism, can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process. A bike riding gear can travel, simple and environmental protection, through bumpy road, the tunnel across the darkness in the experience of difficult challenges, in the distant country experience amorous feelings. But in terms of the Angle of the Internet to transform traditional industries, “cycling movement” in this field also rarely involved, but also began to entrepreneurs to explore.

online ride company in recent years, for example, is a predominantly bicycle information web site. On its existing PC and mobile terminal two products form, relying on the information platform, in the industry and users reputation gradually establish the influence, gradually increase community and electric business platform, and develops its own series of hardware and software products. On web, the user can understand the bicycle, at the same time to participate in sports activities, consumption, social networking, maintenance comprehensive O2O platform, and form a comprehensive ecosystem.

founder to introduce cloud network hunting. Susan, ride a company group, established in 2013, but in between 2013 and 2014, the main website and content of information construction in the initial period of APP and learn to give priority to, in March 2015 website version after the upgrade, will begin to step towards our plan goals. At present there are six team main force and a certain number of part-time and writer, sports coaches, etc.

. Susan said the core members of the team itself in the sports industry seven years, and has been in the service of the bicycle industry, so for the bicycle industry familiar with. Intelligent is the trend, no matter how much is the price, smart bike (1 k – 100 k) popularization is unavoidable, the Chinese bicycle market each year (excluding electric) 80 million, and that 80 million is likely to be turned into intelligent bicycle, regardless of the consumers like cycling, this is still promising to ride the company, and the space will be bigger in the future.

in the context of the current product, platform for users to present reality, direct and immediate information and product operation experience; In the own car shop, cycling enthusiasts diversion to their own sales channels and promotion platform, from the information to the operation of products allows users to more familiar brand. Susan convective cloud network, the line is part of the project is focused on. Such as from the end of 2013 to start the team cycling services for enterprise users, this kind of service not only brought us direct cash flow income, but also the experience of cycling part into cycling enthusiasts and consumers and become our users.

in media platforms at present, the domestic influential mainly BIKETO and 700 bike. The BIKETO towards bicycle industry portal, sina in the industry as a bicycle, and 700 bike more riding on a culture for urban white-collar, after xiang-dong zhang entered, they had already started the research and development of intelligent bike.

but for ride a company, although at present is given priority to with media information, but other aspects of the early stage of the layout already, more differentiation in offline, such as a comprehensive bicycle park service platform, bicycle safety system construction, the plan, has been and abroad related company signed a cooperation agreement, in the next few years in the domestic first-tier cities will start construction), bicycle quality accessories products.

according to Susan, in the case of hasn’t been a large number of promotion, the website, APP, users have broken all social media platforms, namely the pattern of income has preliminarily accomplished users. And viscous aspects in addition to further deepen the quality information push, ride a company in planning can be more friendly, more easy to interactive form of community, and domestic although many bike website, but influential quality web site is not much, so this aspect are not afraid. Susan.

of course, in terms of the present stage, the project has a lot of problems to solve. Said Susan convective cloud network, such as the development of functional product yet, this is also our most urgent needs, the team is doing the next step for financing plan, if can obtain certain capital investment, functional hardware and software products will be the focal point in the us.

will ride the company development plan. Susan summed up in three steps. The first step: to establish a mobile terminal and the media on the WEB, social networking, activity platform; The second step: to establish offline channels and comprehensive service platform, to research and development and sales peripheral products, such as smart bike accessories) as well as the online mall; Third: more hard and software development, the establishment of a set of online to offline.

as Susan said, ride the company eventually hopes to build a cycling around the ecosystem, and the bicycle is the first experimental field, our core team in ’08 was founded a company called all in sports sports consultancy, ride a company is all in the sports of the first “ecosystem project”, if the future is successful, it can be quickly copied to other sports field, such as water sports.

“if a very influential brand in bicycle industry, a vertical through online and offline brand, a brand, understand consumers really need to enter into this market will produce what kind of impact?” To cloud network show the future of a hunting scene. Susan: cyclist, to ride on company news and information, participate in online social networking from riding a company, often on its market and see what good new equipment, after then wore their ride le brand commuting to work will ride le brand bicycle to property ride le brand bicycle storage facilities, after work to a le brand offline service point for a cup of coffee and other ride a user chat, and play music APP bike a little game, finally together with the data records of riding a small game APP.