Return to the financial Zhang Jinghua: entrepreneurship need to push yourself to the “corner”

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in hunting cloud network issue 20 entrepreneurial public class, return to the founder of the financial Zhang Jinghua share his entrepreneurial experience, from the university and interpreted the core of the Internet financial, put forward the “early entrepreneurs do micro letter first, then do the App” advice, and share to entrepreneurs to dry.

Zhang Jinghua is Internet and financial backgrounds, founded in 2008, and students of buaa third party mobile payment platform “purse”, is now complete C round of financing, and plans to list at home. March 2014 Zhang Jinghua join purse treasure of the incubation enterprise all the financial CEO. Recently, lightning borrowing announced China pay and domestic well-known investor nearly millions of dollars in investment.

entrepreneurs need to push out their “roots”

the first barrel of gold is Zhang Jinghua times with my classmates in university computer books written for the millions of yuan, after they took the money and three classmates partnership opened a large swan studio, to do for other company’s customer site. Studio once to 60 people size is less than one year’s time to fail, also lost more than 60.

in retrospect, Zhang Jinghua summary for the narrow field of vision, do not have good cash flow schedule. Although the venture failed but this entrepreneurial experience has let Zhang Jinghua proud, “the four of us partner no hurt feelings, in the end of saw each other’s character.” Zhang Jinghua publicly in business class with his entrepreneurial experience of failure for the first time telling entrepreneurs:

1, learn to find business partners, and partners don’t divide between equity, equity structure must be clear, the early stage of the equity do not dilute too much.

2, must want to do to be able to grasp the product, the size of the don’t care about the platform.

3 little product, no matter to do their own brands, entrepreneurs should have control of product.

4, entrepreneurial firms can’t pursue fairness, as long as the pursuit of justice.

based on this, was in a lightning loan projects, Zhang Jinghua only do what you can grasp the microfinance, oneself do big shareholders, and partners are not involved in each other investments. In addition, more important is he will push yourself into the first corner of the room, “entrepreneurs need to push yourself when the others didn’t understand to the corner, let the market competition into do not come, put their own root myself, can’t let cool up ahead of the others.”

response to lightning loan products, normally maintained a lower borrowing costs, in a recent activities, the company has to borrow loans for all free, the core is the good experience for the user, Zhang Jinghua said that as long as the project in the future have to liquidate ability, can now don’t accept a penny, “I to make the goal is to burn every day 100000” for the Marketing Department.

suggest early-stage entrepreneurs do first micro letter to do App

loan is based on the lightning WeChat platform to provide users with individual microfinance below RMB ten thousand yuan between, why to choose the WeChat platform rather than do first App also curious question to the entrepreneurs.

Zhang Jinghua think lightning lending WeChat platform choice do first of the four reasons: one is the App due to the time consuming, can’t do a quick iteration; Second, the App download way is limited, and WeChat only need to pay attention to the public can; Three is a generalization of the App cost is higher, price is not high for entrepreneurs; Four is to download the user in the process of conversion rate is low. Based on these four reasons, Zhang Jinghua WeChat suggested that the early entrepreneurs can do first. Due to the Internet, of course, the financial problems of user trust, lightning loan App is under review, will be officially launched soon.

in the P2P lending risk control has been a great concern, lightning borrowing WeChat platform also have advantages to some extent. “WeChat are generally friend relationship, make risk control to more easily”, based on WeChat Zhang Jinghua think just have this advantage, “birds of a feather flock together a person with group of points”, is relatively easy to can tell a person’s credit. Through WeChat risk control can be helpful, and if there is a bad debts, WeChat circle of friends will also pressure against the debtor.

Internet finance is the core of sustainable access to quality of creditor’s rights

Zhang Jinghua thought is the core of the Internet financial is sustainable for creditor’s rights, 2 it is to have good credit. And the risk control and is not to eliminate risk, is to control the risk. Internet financial itself do not condemn risk control rules, do a quota restrictions, bad debts rate must exist. “Lightning borrowing now bad debt rate is too low, $5 total lending is less than $200000 in bad loans, we are prepared to increase the rate of bad loans to 1%”. Zhang Jinghua said that with the liquidity of capital gains earned back is the key.

P2P financial entrepreneurs to run issue has become the industry spot, Zhang Jinghua also admitted that at present the whole industry reputation is bad. A fixed P2P and electrical business, O2O mode, P2P financial most headaches is the system, as long as the system is not stable, there is something wrong with the user can play 110 fraud “, quipped Zhang Jinghua also have been asked to many times over a cup of tea.

as a result, in his view the Internet financial must have a strong technical team for support, he also stressed the r&d team on the product/service must ensure that the platform security, stability and user experience at 3 o ‘clock. “Platform make will find a lot of user experience on the big issues, this team must be very attention to continuously improve.” Zhang Jinghua said borrowing from lightning before due to the negligence of the user experience on a small loss dropped more than 80000 users, this has been his regret, so he thinks that entrepreneurial teams must have strong adjustment ability, fast adjustment when find error.

the last talked about lightning loan plan, Zhang Jinghua said, after get the money to increase the ability of mobile payment, reinforcing the Internet big data analysis ability, can put small idle cash application scenario for the more distance, make a small and beautiful products.

to entrepreneurs share three dry

1, Internet companies have the user doesn’t work, more important is to have a fan, no fan, no future, so entrepreneurs should care more about the user.

2, a startup company to find the first-class talented person, found that 20% of the people, but also an appropriate position for each staff.

3, don’t be afraid to BAT to enter, because the BAT into the death of the corporation are “for” dead.