[recruitment] like the youth entrepreneurial innovation, to hunt the cloud a shot

in the country is calling for a startup now, as one has dominated business more frontier areas of TMT is in full swing, after 80, after 90, even after 00 start walked onto the stage, to display talent, to accumulate wealth, describe a new story.

if you are reported in the field of entrepreneurial innovation with keen interest, for the birth of each new cutting-edge technology products and companies are surging, willing to contact with fresh produce, to feel and chasing big swing toward the Internet, so, hunting cloud network will be for you to open the door to employment and talent.

cloud network hunting do:

a focus on TMT entrepreneurial innovation in the field of new media technology, we are paying attention to new products, new company, new model at the same time, the report include investment and financing for start-ups and docking, entrepreneurial public class, product family salons and other public welfare activities, and provide the incubator and a series of startups back-end services.

here, don’t care about the professional background, don’t care how much experience, don’t care about age, don’t care about the gift or not, care about’s ability to learn new things, care about is solve the difficulty of users and innovation ability, care about is the persistent spirit of interest below.

here, don’t lack most is personal diligence and display space of personal talent. Hunting clouds the future of you has for a long time into the courage and determination.

here, have a villa with a magnitude of office environment, delicious restaurant chef, experienced mentor, completely flat family team.

cloud network hunting jobs now what? (work location: Beijing)

1, science and technology correspondent (2)

low media experience, understand the Internet, mobile Internet, closely track dynamic and trends of science and technology products at home and abroad.

the low English level is preferred, it is best to see understand

low breakthrough ability, good writing is preferred interview

2 (6), entrepreneurial innovation intern

interviews with entrepreneurs, chat, writing articles, monitor and analyze characteristics and trend of development of the product.

upright character, love of learning, initiative, good at communication, adaptable, have team work spirit

low news, Chinese class professional priority

3, telegraph translation (1)

low English level 6 and above (score over 550 points);

“love the Internet industry, observation or thinkers have certain industry preferred;

low translation experience, news editorial experience is preferred;

low bears hardships and stands hard work, earnestly;

if you are interested in the above jobs, your resume quickly delivered by email to: yaohongxi@vip.qq.com, we will arrange the interview as soon as possible.