Raspberry sent 2 Model B! 6 times performance improvement

cloud network hunting note: you want to have a powerful, cheap computer? You want to have a credit card only card the size of a computer? So please focus on raspberry pie. The latest edition of the raspberry pie 2 storage capacity doubled, six times performance improvement, also only for $35. What geeks waiting for!

recently, as the Raspberry Pi Model 2 B (raspberries pie 2 B) surprise, Raspberry pie foundation is likely to trigger another wave around the world. Raspberry before it is sent B + enhanced, has a new broadcom BCM2836 900 MHZ four core system of single chip, and 1 gb of memory – a previous version, all these configurations will may make version B improved the performance of “at least six times”.

if you are a hardware enthusiasts, so well-known raspberries pie will not make you feel strange. Raspberry pie namely Raspberry Pi (RasPi/RPi), is designed for students to computer programming education a card of the computer. Raspberry pie is only credit card the size of the computer, the system based on Linux.

foundation director Mr Ben Upton (Eben Upton) said in an interview: “now as far as I’m concerned, this is one of the available computers. People will always get raspberries to send 1 as a personal computer to use, and in this case, you have to say, ‘this is a great PC, because it only cost me $35’. But now the raspberries pie 2 gives person’s feeling and raspberry pie 1 are quite different. It is not because price only $35 let a person feel very good. It is in itself a cost-effective ultra-high PC.”

look from the exterior, raspberry pie 2 and raspberry pie with type B + 1 almost no too big difference, it is basically kept the shape of its predecessor.

raspberries pie 2 B loaded BCM2836 system chip. “BCM2836 system chip and its predecessor BCM2835 very similar, but it also increased to four cores and is part of the fine-tuning,” Upton said.

before BCM2835, built-in 700 MHZ ARM1176JZFS application processor unit. The system chip with 256 MB of memory (type B has been upgraded to 512 MB of memory).

on the other hand, the latest edition of the BCM2836, raspberry pie 2 B fully using the latest 32-bit ARM architecture (A7 technology processing, carrying the memory also double from 512 MB to 1 gb.

as for raspberry pie 2 than the first generation of raspberries pie Model B + function is six times more powerful statement, Upton said: “as you can ask such Numbers? ‘ ‘how can you explain this, this is an inevitable problem.”

“if you’re running a multithreaded synthetic CPU benchmarks, they will tell you a number, that is 6. In this case, I am bullish on and worry, mixed. Xi, no doubt. Because these are multithreaded benchmark. Sad, because I don’t think these synthetic benchmark fully demonstrates the performance of the ARM processor.”

as broadcom chip designers Upton, continued: “when the ARM11, especially that we installed in small high-speed packet BCM2835 begin land, is a time when it began to run your existing applications. I think we’re on BCM2836 SunSpider running points, even if it’s going to be a single threaded benchmark, but also can be a single core performance of the “three times”. (note: cloud network editor king hunting ARM11 microprocessor series is ARM’s recent launch of a new generation of RISC processors, it is a new instruction the ARM architecture – ARMv6 design implementation of the first generation. SunSpider is a browser JavaScript benchmark test platform developed by apple, it can measure a browser JavaScript engine performance.)

“, therefore, we calculated that what kind of number the most conservative, SysBench come out result is 6. “(Sysbench is an open source multi-threaded performance test tools, you can perform the CPU/memory/thread/IO performance test/database, etc.)

sounds really is so. So, people can use the extra speed do? Upton, think that it will be in ’embedded platform for the world and some image processing aspects puts glorious greatly.

Upton, explains: “now there are a lot of people want to research and development of computer vision, such as OpenCV (open source computer vision library). You can run on the DSP of raspberry pie 1 fully OpenCV, but eventually you will find it there is no other more CPU performance.”

what is more agreeable, raspberry pie 2 will keep the same price with raspberry pie + 1 B, the price is still $35. Raspberry pie 2 sell, is obvious.

Upton tells us: “since we launched blackberry pie B + tree, our sales have increased greatly. Although raspberries pie and B + 2 will be sold at the same price, but I think for a variety of reasons, may be related to their habits, there are always some customers will insist on using B +.”

as a result, as customers transition to a more efficient products gradually, he predicted that this year raspberries pie 2 production will occupy 80%, B + for the remaining 20%.

this day like raspberries pie users can buy in raspberries to send the original suppliers. Upton promises, there will be 100000 units of products available for customers to directly choose and buy, their factories are in Pencoed and south wales at the rate of “every day, thousands of” rush in to produce the products.

he said: “if as I expected, it is very popular, I’m sure will need lined a minute; But it won’t be like 2012, in line for half the year.”

for computer enthusiasts who is on a tight budget, $20 B + is still of great use value. Upton provocatively said. “it’s just about raspberry pie 2 A type A name space expansion”. So that carry have BCM2836 lite version will no doubt become the biggest winner, although the raspberries immediately sent foundation has no plans to release it.

when we said Upton proposal, for a brain surgeon in Germany, it would be a good gift, Upton said: “I hope for all of the Linux users, it can be a good gift.”


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