Questionnaire network launched professional edition, focus depth research

(text/jing-jing fan)

upgrade recently launched “questionnaire web pro”, focusing on the deep research and personality research.

the questionnaire has a lot of questions, a huge number of templates, strong expansibility function, have been able to meet the needs of the general audience. But is lacking in customized function, therefore, according to the needs of users, the team developed the questionnaire web pro.

the professional version of the questionnaire focused on customized service, mainly in the service of a professional consulting company, research firm, as well as some demand is specialized in the research of enterprises. So, the survey itself, pro personality investigation, depth of investigation. In addition to the system and bring rich topic, professional version of the questionnaire web can also be customized according to user needs special topic.

custom is the most important feature of the questionnaire web pro. From the system flexibility, professional edition USES the plug-in mechanism, whether it is a logical questionnaire or answer effect, can make flexible customization. At the same time there is no limit to the customised services, regardless of how the user needs to topic, background technology can produce according to customer demand design conforms to the requirements of the topic.

it is worth mentioning the questionnaire web pro as cloud research platform, not only can do online survey, but also can make O2O offline survey. Users without network still can collect data, in a network environment and then transmit the data to the cloud. This function can not only help customers anywhere, anytime to collect function, but also reduce the requirement for collecting device.

the questionnaire web product manager Cui Tao said in an interview with hunting cloud network, professional edition to end of cloud model is used to do offline solutions, end is refers to the professional version of the offline survey tools via “access”. And access through a wide range of applications, the support Android, iOS, Windows three big mainstream platform.

in addition, the pro can adapt themselves to any equipment, the same questionnaire can be automatically adapted computers, tablets, mobile phones, let the customer can have the answer on any device. For large-scale concurrent answer at the same time, with flexible architecture, on-demand extension.

in addition to the above functions, the questionnaire web pro, and user management, rights management functions, documents, etc., the import function for some commercially demand of users, the questionnaire web pro also configuration lottery marketing functions.

the questionnaire web pro charging mechanism is generally a questionnaire depending on the length of the questionnaire for the construction of the 1500-5000 yuan fee, at the same time, charge 3 yuan each data, custody fee for additional customization cost charge according to 1500/person/day.

in addition, Cui Tao said the professional version has a cost related feature is efficient. Import system has a lot of special features, such as questionnaire, batch edit, is in order to improve the efficiency of the questionnaire design.

network questionnaire at the beginning of this $5.5 million B round, star of excessive capital by China, lenovo, lenovo group le fund joint capital injection, etc. In 2013, won A star of lenovo, lenovo group, suzhou industrial park venture capital fund joint series A investment of $ten million.