Public comments on the “refinancing”, the fund use to “reinvestment”

in the existing O2O business, if you want to select compare DaTiLiang companies, public review is considered by most ranked second, are thus Meituan beyond is a pity, around the finance also appears some drag procrastination stack.

some media reports today said the public comments on $850 million in a new round of financing is likely to be completed soon, citing information investors said originally wanted to raise $300 million, but under the opponent and $700 million in financing amount, then had to raise quotas.

no matter how much company specific to the financing first, hunting cloud just want to say, about the public comments on the financing “paste” menstruation or end early.

as early as the end of December 2014, domestic media reported that the public comment on finishing more than $800 million in a new round of financing. Last month on the 18th, the Wall Street journal reported that the wheel is expected to win again about $800 million in financing, valuation of about $4 billion. Basic plus rumors today, nearly three months one time each month by the financing, and the amount of basic no change, can be called “stick” menstruation.

from the point of the present several rounds of dissemination of information, the financing amount should not change space, coupled with the recent boom O2O concept, public comments on have very big size, is still likely to get large investment institutions. If again to obtain wholesale funding, it is also likely to conform to follow recently ran wang “alert C round of death” the analysis of the view that in the current valuations rise A and B round case, large investment institutions is more and more tend to go to bet on A particular individual companies within the industry.

the public comment on real good company? This is a question that many things, not yet been determined, but the actual results to talk in the future. Public comments, as a company has been established for more than 10 years, has been a lot of people as “slow”, which not only has a slow-and-steady style praise the company, there are also due to a lack of radical business development in the management team.

in the company’s development history, has successively experienced five times. Sequoia capital in 2006 the first round of the $1 million investment; Google to invest $4 million in 2007; In April 2011, zhi capital letter, sequoia capital, qiming venture joint investment of $100 million and the speed of light; The fourth round of financing $2012 in 60 million. In February 2014, tencent’s strategy the investing public comments on 20% of the shares, there are many reports of about 400 million dollars.

if the financing amount is true last year, the public comments on the valuation of about $2 billion, the latest of the financing for the company valuation data ascension nearly doubled in the last year of $4 billion. But it is still far from Meituan, valued at $7 billion which is the latest round of financing.

in 2014, the public comments on the internal officially opened the “second venture” slogan, improve the management and cut into the wine, tourism and wedding services such as market, and overseas. But they did not leave deep impression to the world and the deepest is aggressive investment layout instead.

single on catering ERP vendors, the public comments have been invested in Shanghai science and technology, Shanghai zhilong, ishikawa TianCai ShangLong and CRM technology for days, plus “hungry” take-away and “big mouth” order two application platform, and a strategic stake in a free WiFi provider outside the mai di. Among them, the big mouth project public comments on the investment amount to RMB 50 million, investment has reached tens of millions of dollars on hungry? (last may was hungry yao led side) of $80 million in financing case.

layout till now, the public comments on the establishment of the future development direction is like taobao, Google platform diversion model, rather than simply to spell a bulk sales commissions; Do public comments on the main purpose of the group purchase is through the establishment of trading closed loop, to get the user habit data, on this basis to evaluate advertising platform effect.

from competition now, despite the tencent’s support, but the public review still has not reached the ideal business form, from this point of view, investment will continue in 2015.