Public comment on purchasing a parent-child education O2O platform “kids”

(word/qing nan)

the public comments today announced full acquisition parent-child education O2O platform “kids”, but did not disclose the specific amount. At the same time children learn the founder Lv Guangyu join the public comments and serving as a COO, future “children learn” will maintain independent operation, combining the public comments on a comprehensive local life information and trading platform development.

the data shows, “children learn” founded in 2013 by Lv Guangyu, locating at the connection of primary and middle school students and social education resources, to build a closed-loop learning ecology. In the “kids”, parents users can search online for teachers, curriculum and institutions and complete the purchase and payment; The teacher (including agency) can publish courses, for students. Before this, Lv Guangyu had any alibaba regional general manager, group vice President, COO to guest group, has rich experience in Internet and offline combined capacity of traditional industry.

the public comments said the full acquisition “kids”, on the one hand, because take a fancy to the whole team, on the other hand, are “children learn in parent-child education” O2O areas rich industry experience and understanding, can become the public comment on parent-child vertical business very good supplement and extension.

in the future, the public comments will fully support the children to learn the business development. Chief operating officer and public comments on Lv Guangyu will act as “kids” chairman of the board of directors of the company.

in recent years, the public comment on launched a series of investments or acquisitions to improve business layout. On catering ERP vendors, the public comments have been invested in Shanghai science and technology, Shanghai zhilong, ishikawa TianCai ShangLong and CRM technology for days, plus “hungry” take-away and “big mouth” order two application platform, as well as the strategic stakes in free WiFi provider outside the mai di. Among them, the big mouth project public comments on the investment amount to RMB 50 million, investment has reached tens of millions of dollars on hungry? (last may was hungry yao led side) of $80 million in financing case.

at present, the public review covers dining, movies, hotel, leisure, entertainment and beauty industry, get married son, home decoration, etc. Almost all local life service industry.