Polymers: the whole into out mode to build young people eat to play buy comprehensive platform

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

“young people often don’t know what are the fresh fun at parties, surf the Internet query also found that information is sparse. So we’re talking about, why not do a product, to help solve these problems?” Filed to establish the purpose of the polymers, the site studio project operations director Zhao Jianlong explained to hunt cloud network. In October 2014, he, liberal arts, Ceng Yajiang three front work partner has resigned, a studio in changsha developed polymer network (duojuu), three people now in charge of the polymer product of project operation, market planning, product ideas work part; In January 2015, the fourth TaoQingYun core team new members to join.

“polymers”, is a city to “eat, play, shopping” classification of information gathered online products, designed to provide users with personalized choices, at the same time provide service for merchants to improve traffic increase sales; Product form APP and website divides into two parts: the former pays attention to function, while the latter is more focused on providing information.

data according to the report hall, as of June 2014, 632 million Internet users in China. And according to the total number of deals, according to 2014, catering class turnover amounted to 44.17 billion yuan, occupy the market share of nearly sixty percent, the second is that the leisure entertainment, a total turnover of 15.07 billion yuan. Polymer network in the market, the target group is 18 to 35 years old students and white-collar workers – most somewhat to the quality of beer and skittles and purchasing requirements.

the moment under this lucrative market cake, do the same information more mature sites have to play together in Beijing (Beijing eat play and purchasing information, and organize a large number of offline activities), the city to find (mainly show north shenzhen city features food picture); And Meituan network, public comments and glutinous rice, specializing group-buying website.

the core polymers used O2O mode is: the whole into out – there will be a common demand of users together, and then spread to various businesses; Make a single user to pay a fee, you can take part in the activities in the city for the most part. Related to the whole into a pattern, from start-up companies in the United States Jukely ever apply this model to “concert tickets”, let the users only need to pay $25 per month, can be unlimited number to go to the concert. Introducing the method of net polymer O2O mode, Zhao Jianlong and his team hopes to use the “ticket” combine city tens of hundreds of activities, to create a user to participate in the activities of “large cafeteria”, and this is not a single activity, host of the breadth and depth can be compared. “So, on the one hand, is very flexible, for consumers is a big appeal; For the organizers, as long as the same event participants is not reached upper limit, then each additional participants, this activity is made.” Zhao Jianlong convective cloud network said.

in many city gather the information on products, supporting the whole into a ticket O2O model of how get membership, offline events, and so on. Rooted in changsha the cultural soil of the entertainment city, many members of studio hope to maximize the local market, and then copy the successful mode to the surrounding city. At the same time, its staff told hunting cloud network, polymer network is now in the phase of an angel round.