Poly mesh: marriage provides personality service online O2O platform

(word/sun ce)

wedding market in China is as high as 800 billion , as the mobile Internet rapid development and O2O concept, more and more entrepreneurs to the wedding market eye on the big cake. Many couples are in trouble to choose the wedding company, good reputation, large companies generally high prices. Due to the chaos in the wedding industry, make the most wonderful day in the left “regret” of the couple.

marriage clustering network is a wedding service platform for the Internet, online in November 2014. wedding together idea is to build high configuration and low price of net personalized wedding . Founding team founded in September 2014, all experience working in Internet company and with the team, the team a total of seven.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, at present problems in the wedding industry mainly include:

1, industry information, price is not transparent

2, service quality is uneven, small and medium-sized businesses wedding product design ability cannot guarantee

3 and credit system, the user choice is no judge standard, the product are visible in the day, the lack of security.

based on the above the pain, the wedding together based on standardization of new network introduced value custom personalized wedding theme layout scheme. In addition, with the method of disintermediated service for users, such as wedding emcee, makeup, and in the process of film and video of the user is free to choose, and the same price 50% cheaper than the wedding company, because it cut down the traditional wedding company profits .

in terms of credit system, marriage nets have a system of evaluation and similar public comment. When the user select the relevant service can undertake choosing according to user’s evaluation before. In addition, the employees in poly mesh into marriage, need to be related to identity authentication, including experience, ability, word of mouth, etc.

“services including wedding product design innovation ability and the ability of the implementation in place, we pay attention to the quality of service and the whole design standards in innovation. In addition, if the customer needs, will also invite a specified planning company planning or planning respectively.” Founder and CEO li xin to hunt said cloud network.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, at present the business scope of poly mesh cover jiangsu, Shanghai, is also trying to expand to other cities. Without their own planning executive team, marriage nets will choose as a third party design and administration of quality supervision, cooperate with our company, li xin also said, “this is just a transition period, a city in the early years of the business is not big, can’t support a team operations, so such a compromise.”

cloud network think hunting, the couple married one of the most important is that there is no wedding experience, that without the help of a wedding company. in the context of rapid development of Internet, don’t embrace change traditional wedding company most die , will eventually be poly mesh, netting, wedding marriage age replaced by such companies.

finally the author personal point of view, the wedding is a special industry, ensure the quality of service to have the opportunity to win. traditional industry has always been the purpose of the “net” improve efficiency, reduce prices, improve service, also can saying is inevitable result. All with the arrest of practice are unsustainable.